Kutinho is the owner of Messi’s famous number 10 jersey?

10 jersey

Lionel Messi’s number was added to his name after a long 21-year journey with Barcelona. ‘LMTEN’ became a brand. But all that is now past. Lionel Messi is now in PSG. There’s his jersey number 30. Messi did not take his friend Neymar’s number 10 jersey. Neymar is number 10 in PSG. But what will happen to the number 10 jersey of Bara?

Messi fans demand that favorite star’s jersey be sent to Barsa in retirement. For example, the number 10 jersey of the legend Diego Maradona was sent to retirement by the Italian club Napoli. But due to the rules of the league, it was brought back again. Barca is not able to send Messi’s jersey to retire. Now the question is, who is going to wear the famous number 10 jersey?

10 jersey

The name of the Brazilian star Philippe Coutinho has been heard since this afternoon in response to this question. One of the chances to get this number was young forward Ray Manaz. But after the registration on Sunday, Barca tweeted that Manaz has been given the number 14 jersey. As soon as the buzz started, is Kutinho getting number 10? Because Kutinho’s jersey number was 14 last season!

Kutinho, who is currently out with an injury, wore the number 10 jersey for Liverpool. With the departure of Messi, his chances of performing as a playmaker at Barcelona have increased. So the Spanish football magazine ‘Marca’ says that Kutinhoi is going to get the number 10 jersey. However, there is an opportunity to change the jersey until August 31. In that case, Kutinho can get back the number 14 jersey.

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