​​Lionel Messi’s salary in PSG

Two days after leaving Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi signed a contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). The term of the contract is two years.
On Tuesday night, PSG informed about the agreement through an official announcement. But before that, the issue of signing his contract came to light. Messi will wear the number 30 jersey at the French club. Messi has joined the Parisians in a free transfer after his contract with Barcelona expired.


Lionel Messi said he would cut his salary by half. Yet Barcelona could not keep him. He was forced to give up due to the ban on financial fair play created by La Liga. In the end, Messi is moving to Paris, putting an end to all speculations.

In the meantime, all the issues of the agreement with PSG have been finalized. Messi has also arrived in Paris to sign the contract. He is likely to undergo a medical test after signing a contract today, and the Paris club will present him as a PSG footballer at an official press conference on Wednesday.

The most talked about issue in the meantime is Messi’s salary. How much is he going to PSG? How many years are you going for? All reports say he is doing a two-year contract. But there is another issue here. One more year option is being kept. In other words, the contract with Messi is basically for three years.


Although there has been no official announcement from PSG or Messi, the 34-year-old’s salary has already been reported. The most reliable information, according to Goal.com, is that Messi will receive a salary of 35 million euros (about 348 crore rupees) per year from PSG.

However, there is a tax in it again. Excluding taxes, a total of 30 million euros or 298 crore 22 lakh rupees will go into Messi’s pocket. If he completes three years, Messi will get 90 million Euros or 695 crore rupees from PSG as salary in these three years. Messi will receive another 30 million euros (298.22 million rupees) as a signing bonus at the time of signing the contract.

All in all, including the signing bonus, Messi will earn a total of 120 million Euros or 1,193 million rupees from PSG in 3 years. But it is completely tax free. This amount will increase even more if taken with taxes. Then the annual income will be calculated at 35 million euros. But Messi will have to pay 5 million euros in taxes every year.

However, all this is out of Messi’s own sponsors and other income. Messi will continue to have all the income he has. There will be no other problems here.

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