Microsoft is developing automated and interactive whiteboards

Software giant Microsoft is working on a new technology that will make the invented touchscreen whiteboard understand your mind. It is an interactive canvas that predicts the user’s sketches and other markings and automatically completes the drawing or similar task. At the moment the development of the machine is in the early stages.



The BBC reports that the experimental


Version of this amazing product will be shown at the company’s annual Techfest. At the event, Microsoft researchers share various information about their current projects. Microsoft’s digital canvas will deal with the currently popular concept of “big data”, where the amount of data and its use from a variety of sensors and other sources is gradually increasing.





According to technology analysts,


Redmond’s latest automated board could be a sought-after product if the company succeeds in proving its capabilities.

The US company


Microsoft spends a significant amount of funds on research and development (R&D). Last fiscal year it totaled $9.8 billion, less than South Korea’s Samsung Electronics’ $10.5 billion, but more than Apple’s $3.4 billion, Sony’s $4.6 billion and Google’s $6.8 billion in research and development spending. 







The self-sketching whiteboard will be on display at


Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters in Washington. Its user interface design specialist has been working on the project since 2006. He will show how to draw interactive tables, charts, pictures etc. on a large touchscreen by analyzing the user’s previous data.





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This board will have various Microsoft Office applications such as PowerPoint, Excel etc. built in. As a result, it will be possible to create and present different content at the same time.



Microsoft Touch Whiteboard, if successful, is expected to play an important role in educational institutions and businesses. Let’s see when it hits the market and actually starts being used.

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