Mohammad Ali’s Grandson,Nico

Mohammad Ali’s grandson started by knocking out the opponent

Bob Eram still can’t believe it. In 1966, he was fortunate enough to be the promoter of a heavyweight boxer. The boxer’s name is Mohammad Ali. In the eyes of many, the relationship with the best athlete of all time was quite stable. Eram and his promoting company Top Rank took the responsibility of promoting Ali’s 27 fights. After more than four decades, Eram was also the promoter when another Ali made his professional boxing debut on Saturday.


Ali’s relationship with the best boxer of all time is grandchildren. Nico Ali Walsh, son of Rasheda Ali, daughter of Ali’s second wife, entered the bout of professional boxing for the first time yesterday. He has no objection to being identified, as the grandson of the legend, he explained in the ring. He was wearing one of the legendary shorts. Ali Walsh knocked out his opponent Jordan Weeks in 70 seconds after he got the shorts of the sixties from his grandfather.

Niko, who fought in middleweight, had four rounds yesterday. The top-ranked host at the Tulsa Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Oklahoma knocked out Wicks in the middle of the first round of the fight. The fight had to be stopped at 1 minute 49 seconds. Former mixed martial arts fighter Weeks was left helpless in front of 21-year-old Ali Walsh.


Ali Walsh

Ali Walsh said after his first professional match that it was no less difficult for him to cross that path, “It was a very emotional journey, the whole journey. It was as I had hoped. There is no doubt that Nana was remembered again and again the whole time. I miss him. ‘

Last night was also emotional for Bob Eram, the former promoter of the legend who said goodbye in 2016. Eram, 89, tweeted after the fight, “What a magical night for this young man. His grandparents were proud to see him honored in this way. We all hope that in the top rank we will be able to be a part of his professional journey. ‘

15-year-old Niko

Born in Chicago, Ali Walsh grew up in Las Vegas. Seeing such a famous grandfather, he did not have much interest in boxing. His mother Rasheda Ali was also not very interested, let the boy come to boxing. But the call for blood cannot be ignored. At the age of 14, Nico Ali became interested in boxing. Before his death, the legend also used to give advice to his grandson in this regard. 15-year-old Niko’s interest in boxing has only grown since then.

Whatever happens in these cases, ‘legacy’ becomes stress. Comparisons are made at every step. Whether or not the family is eligible to bear the name is added to the discussion in each punch and jab. But Nico admits it from the start, ‘Unfortunately, no, I’m lucky to have grown up with this pressure all my life. Be it boxing, school or anywhere in life, I have always been compared to grandparents. No doubt, when I take part in his game, the comparison will be made even more. But I have endured such pressure all the time. I think all boxers have pressure. So I see it the way others see it. He’s my grandfather, it’s so easy. ‘


Nico is not the only one who is busy with boxing. He is studying business education at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas to prepare for professional boxing. However, the tension is towards boxing. Nico admits that it’s not easy to focus on professional boxing as well as studying, ‘It becomes very difficult for me. But I’m boxing. Because, it’s important for me to hold on to legacy. That’s what inspires me to box. If I didn’t have a family history, some things might not be possible for me. ‘

Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee! Mohammad Ali’s boxing meant terrible speed, fast rhythm of feet. And he has long arms. Is that Niko’s weapon too? No, Nico admits his limitations, ‘My strength is in the focus. I am a fan of the fighters whose main strength is focus and perseverance. Because, the task is not easy. 90 percent mental strength of boxing. I’m sure the best boxers of all time will tell you that. ‘

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