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Neymar welcomed Messi

Will Messi and Neymar ever be seen together again? That possibility was almost over. The fact that Neymar was going to Barcelona many times in the media was different. Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) did not leave the Brazilian superstar at all.

Meanwhile, Messi was also supposed to stay at Barcelona. An agreement was also reached between the two parties. Everything takes a dramatic turn. Barca said that it is not possible to keep Messi because of the rules of La Liga. The Argentine retailer had to say goodbye to Barcelona with tears in his eyes.


But what is past is past

Messi is now at the new address. Yes, dramatically there, where his friend Neymar is. PSG has taken Messi by surprise after the end of Barca chapter. It was as if the two friends were destined to be together again.

He had the best relationship with Messi since moving to Barcelona in 2013. Neymar never forgot his friend even though he left New Camp for PSG in 2017 for a record fee.

That friend has now moved to Paris, who is happier than Neymar? The Brazilian superstar could not hide his excitement. “Together again,” Neymar wrote on social media Instagram Story, sharing a picture of the two embracing while at Bara.


30 Number Jersey

After many speculations, Argentine star Lionel Messi has left Barcelona and joined PSG. He has signed a two-year contract on behalf of PSG. Lionel Messi will be seen in the number 30 jersey in PSG. The French club has started reaping the benefits of recruiting this football superstar within a day.

The news of Messi in PSG is causing a storm of joy and excitement all over France. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. In the meantime, the fight over Messi’s jersey has started. After the official announcement, the fight over the jersey started in their official store. Messi’s jersey is finished in just 30 minutes!

The formal relationship with Barcelona ended at the end of last June. Then the possibility of a new agreement also ended. From then on, the competition to get this Argentine star in the team started. Finally comes that Mahendrakshan. The wait is over for the Parisians. Messi arrived in Paris on Tuesday (August 10) afternoon local time. After the formality of the contract, PSG made an official announcement on their page at night.

Demand jersey

After that, the supporters started beating the official website of PSG. They started buying Messi’s jersey at the speed of the storm. Messi’s 30th jersey ran out in just 30 minutes. At that time the price of jersey was higher than usual. At other times, the price for another PSG player’s jersey was 106.99 Euros, but Messi’s jersey was priced at 50 Euros more. The jersey was sold for 156.99 euros. Which stands at 15 thousand 720 rupees in Bangladeshi currency. The jerseys of other PSG players normally cost 106.99 euros. In Bangladeshi currency which is about 10 thousand 845 rupees.

However, the superstar Messi. So even though the price was high, there was no shortage of demand. All the jerseys are over at the moment. However, as time goes on, there will be nothing to be surprised if the price of Messi’s 30th jersey increases further!

Earlier, Messi played in Barcelona after this number 30 jersey. He also scored the first goal for Barcelona in the number 30 jersey.

Meanwhile, Messi has joined the PSG and held his first press conference. “Neymar is here,” he told a news conference. Our goal is one. We’ve been apart for many years, but I think it’s better if we play together. Our goal will be to win the title.

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