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Online birth registration application form new update 2022-অনলাইনে জন্ম নিবন্ধন আবেদন ফর্ম

This post will be very useful for you if you want to register the birth of your child or someone else. This is because the new birth registration application form update 2022 (Jonmo Nibondhon Form Online) has to be filled out online and the rules for filling up the online birth registration form correctly are shown in detail with the picture.

Currently, it is not possible to apply by filling out a handwritten birth registration form. You must fill out the birth registration form online.

New Birth Registration Application – Birth Registration Application

According to the Birth and Death Registration Act 2004, birth registration is mandatory within 45 days of birth.

Even if you can’t do it within 45 days due to various problems. I require you to register the birth of your child within 5 years.

Otherwise, after the age of 18, many additional documents are required to register the birth and there is a lot of hassle. Read the link below to get various information regarding new birth registration applications, corrections,s, and online birth registration verification. Rules for filling out the online birth registration application form – Jonmo Nibondhon Form Online

Many of us do not know where to register births. So in this blog, I have shared all the details. The old website has been replaced with a new one for the online birth registration applications. Currently, birth registration is a new link –

Read on to know more:

Follow the steps below to apply for birth registration.

Step 1- Collection of required information and documents What is required to apply for birth registration?

Apply online by collecting all the documents and information required for new birth registration. It will be able to give all the information correctly while applying.

The following information and documents will be required to apply for birth registration.

If the child is between 0 and 45 days old:

A) EPI (Vaccine) Card
B) Digital or online birth registration (Bangla and English compulsory) copy of parents
C) Copy of National Identity Card of Father and Mother
D) Home holding number and current year holding tax receipt
E) Mobile number of the applicant’s parent/guardian

If the child is 48 to 5 years old

A) EPI (Vaccine) Card / Health Worker Certificate (with signature and seal)
B) Copy of online birth registration of parents (Bengali and English compulsory)
C) Copy of National Identity Card of Father and Mother
D) Certificate of Headmaster of the school (with signature and seal) where applicable
E) Holding number of the house and holding tax receipt for the current year
F) Mobile number of the applicant’s parent/guardian
G) 1 copy of passport size photo at the time of submission of application.

For children or people over 5 years old:

A) Certificate from a physician for proof of age (recognized by MBBS or above Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council)
B) Certificate of Completed Primary Education, Junior School Certificate, or Secondary School Certificate issued by the Board of Education.
C) Copy of online birth registration of parents (Bengali and English compulsory)
D) Copy of National Identity Card of Father and Mother
E) Proof of payment of updated tax against the place of residence declared as permanent address in the name of father/mother/grandfather/grandmother for proof of place of birth or permanent address.
F) Or, land or house purchase deed, rent, and tax payment receipt. (Permanent address lost due to river erosion for any other reason)

Step 2- Identity and place of birth of the registered person

To apply online, first go to this link from your computer. Here you will find a page like below.

Choose the address you want to register your birth with.

This means that if you want to register a birth from a union council, municipality, or city corporation, select the address of the child or person registered here and click the Next button.

If there are 2 parts of the name, 1st part should be written in the first part of the name and 2nd part in the last part of the name.

The name has 3 parts, write the first 2 parts in the first part of the name and the last part in the last part of the name.

If the name is in 1 word i.e. part of the name is 1, in this case, the first part will be empty. Just write the name at the end of the name.

Fill in the same way in English. Also, fill in other information and place of birth correctly.

Finally, click the Next button on the right.

Step 3 – Father’s and Mother’s Information – Father’s and Mother’s Information

In this step, the parents of the registered child or person have to give the online or digital birth registration number and nationality.

The names will come automatically after entering the digital birth registration number of the parents. You cannot edit these.

Therefore, parents must first verify whether the birth registration is digital or online. If the parent’s birth registration information is not online, the child’s birth registration application cannot be made.

Check if the birth registration is digital from the link below.

Verify online birth registration information

However, if the registered person’s date of birth is 2000 years or earlier. You can enter the parent’s name and it will work even if your parent does not have a birth registration number.

After filling in the information, click the Next button.

Step 4 – Permanent Address – Current and Permanent Address

At this stage, you need to provide current and permanent address information. See the image below.

Click the None button from here. Then you will get the option to give the address like the picture below.

In the case of permanent address, check the box (marked in the red box) if the place of birth and permanent address is the same. Also, in the case of the current address, check the permanent address. The current address is the same (marked in the red box).

Otherwise, select the address and enter the village, house, and street numbers. Then click the Next button.

Step 5 – Applicant Information:

At this stage, the person applying for this birth registration has to provide the information. Usually, the person responsible for registering the birth of a child is the father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, great-grandfather, great-grandfather, or legal guardian. So they apply for child birth registration.

You can apply for your own birth registration. If you apply yourself, choose your own. Or, select Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, etc.

If everything is OK, complete the application by clicking the Next button on the right side.

After successfully submitting the form, you will have the option to print. The birth registration application form should be printed and submitted to the concern Union Parishad / Municipality or City Corporation office. You will need to submit the required documents along with the application.

You can then verify the birth registration application online to see if your application has been approved.

For more information on birth registration, see the online birth registration certificate

Questions and answers regarding the online birth registration application:

Where to register a birth?

Birth registration must be done at the office of Union Parishad, Municipality, or City Corporation.

When to register a birth?

It is usually best to register the birth within 45 days of the baby’s birth. However, it is convenient to register the birth of a child within 5 years. If you are older than that you will have to pay for a lot of necessary documents which is very troublesome.

All it takes to apply for new birth registration

The required documents will be slightly different according to the age of the child/person. If the age is more than 35 years, various additional documents will be required. Read on to find out what it takes to register a birth – what it takes to register a birth

How much does it cost to register a birth?

Read on to know the amount of the birth registration fee

How to register a birth?

To register for the birth of a child or person, one must first apply online. You will then need to submit a photocopy of the required documents. A printed copy of the online application to the relevant city corporation, municipality, or union council office.

Can birth registration be done twice?

No. The second birth cannot be register. The server will automatically display duplicate entries.

How to apply for birth registration online?

Read on to see how to apply for birth registration online – New Birth Registration Application

In the case of married women, can the husband’s name be written in the birth registration?

No. There is no opportunity to write the husband’s name in the birth registration. Write the names of the father and mother.

How to apply for birth registration if your parents do not have birth registration?

According to the latest 2022 update, parental birth registration is mandatory for all children born in 2001 or later. The birth of a child cannot be register without the birth registration number of the parents.

What is the solution to the ‘potential duplicate’ problem when applying for birth registration?

If the ‘potential duplicate’ is in the same district, the authorized user or Upazila Nirbahi Officer or Deputy Director (Local Government) will settle the matter after conducting the necessary investigation. If the ‘potential duplicate’ is not in the same district, then first you need to administratively contact different districts and search or investigate. In this case, all the documents related to the application should be save.

When 5 parameters match, ‘potential duplicate’ is display as 100% ‘duplicate’. The parameter is a. Name of the applicant, b. Father’s name, c. Mother’s name, d. Name of the registration office, and e. Date of birth. Individuals identified as ‘duplicates’ are generally 0% more likely to be ‘duplicates’. If their date of birth is 8/10 years or more, or if they do not have a permanent address.

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