Online E-Passport 2022 ই-পাসপোর্ট,, Rules and Costs, E-Passport online application

Here I will say, about the rules and cost of an online digital passport or e-passport 2022. Bangladesh is the first country in South Asia to introduce an e-passport. It is already being given in almost all the districts. E-passport costs, E-Passport Application Instructions,, Rules for getting a new e-passport online 2022. Rules for checking e-passport, Rules for renewing e-passport – MRP to E-Passport. The facility to renew e-passport from MRP are all details in below:

You can apply for a passport online without a broker if you have a phone or computer. Here I will tell you how to fill out the online e-passport form (Bangladesh Passport Online Form) and all the necessary information. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Complete writing at a glance

  1. How much does it cost to get an e-passport?
  2. What does it take to get an e-passport?
  3. E-Passport Application Instructions
  4. Rules for getting a new e-passport online 2022
  5. Step 1: Selection of Regional Office and Thana
  6. Stage 2: Email Verification
  7. Step 3: Fill in the personal information
  8. Payment of e-passport fee and printing of application
  9. Rules for canceling e-passport online application
  10. Law for checking e-passport
  11. Rules for renewing e-passport – MRP to E-Passport
  12. The facility to renew e-passport from MRP

What are the costs of getting an e-passport?

There are different fees for different factors such as the speed of delivery, number of pages, and validity of the passport. Click to know the amount of fee for different types of passports – What is the passport fee?

E-passports: How do you get them?

Below are the paperwork required to get an e-passport.

1. Online Application Summary – Application Summery
2. Copy of application
3. National Identity Card / Online Birth Registration Certificate
4. Certificate of Address / Copy of Utility Bill (if applicable)
5. Photocopy of the previous passport and original passport (if applicable)
6. Photocopy of the professional certificate (if applicable)
7. Citizen’s Certificate / Chairman’s Certificate (if applicable)

E-Passport Application Instructions

The instructions must be followed to complete the passport application form online. You will suffer the consequences of any mistakes you make.

Documents do not need to be attested when applying. There is no need to attach a photo and provide an attestation for the e-passport application. According to the National Identity Card (NID) or Online Birth Registration (BRC) Certificate. The parent’s name, the child’s name, and other information must be entered.

Before applying, you must know the rules and regulations of e-passport applications. Here’s how to apply it yourself.

Rules for getting a new e-passport online 2022

First, you need to know if your district is providing an e-passport service. Here you can see if your district has an e-passport facility. Regional e-passport offices.

Step 1: Selection of Regional Office and Thana

Visit-E-passport application. You will see a page like below.

From here you click Directly to the online Application then the following page will come. Select the name of your district and police station here.

Now you need to verify your email. Your email address must be protected by a password. Because if you don’t know the password, you can’t verify it. The password of your email can be changed if you cannot remember it.

Just select the robot verification checkbox beneath your email address and click Continue.

2: Email Verification

Now Passport will send a verification link to your email from the website. Please click on the link to confirm your email address.

Step 3: Fill in the personal information

After email verification, login to the website again

Enter your name, information, and national identity card or number here and click on Save and Continue.

Which national identity card or birth registration is required?

Note that if you are under 18 years of age and do not have a national identity card. You can apply for a passport with online or digital birth registration.

If you are between the ages of 18-20, you can apply with either National Identity Card (NID) or Birth Registration (BRC).

If you are over 20 years of age, you must provide a National Identity Card number. You do not get your National Identity Card or Smart Card, you can download the online copy of the National Identity Card.

You have a previous passport, give Yes, and if not, No, I don’t have any previous/handwritten passport.

Enter your Present Address and Permanent Address correctly. If the current and permanent addresses are the same, check the box below.

Then write the name of your parents according to their national letter. Enter your spouse’s name and national identity card.

Give the name, address, and mobile number of your family’s father, brother, or someone else to contact in case of emergency.

Now choose the type, page, and delivery of your passport general or urgent.

Finally re-verify all your information and click the Submit button to submit the application.

Payment of e-passport fee and printing of application

If you apply, you will get 2 pages to print. 1) Application Summary, 2) Online Registration Form. You can print these or save them to your computer as a PDF file.

Print the application summary on page 1 and the Online Registration form on both pages.

Here is how to pay your e-passport fee at home by developing a Passport fee by bKash

Rules for canceling e-passport online application

If you apply for an e-passport online, you have no chance to cancel the application yourself. You can apply in writing to the Assistant Director of your District Regional Passport Office to cancel the application.

Moreover, if you want to cancel the application due to any kind of error in the application, you can do so even if it is not rejected. Passport applications can be submitted to the enrollment by correcting these mistakes from the passport office. Therefore, inform the office about your mistake.

Checking e-passport

After applying for an e-passport online, you will be able to know the status of the application online.
The rule for checking passports online is very simple. You can check the current status of e-passport here – e-passport status check

Read on to know how to check e-passport and its meaning and explanation of different passport status – Passport status details

Renewing e-passport – MRP to E-Passport

If you have an MRP passport that has expired, you can renew it and get an e-passport.

There is no need to apply for renewal, you have to apply for a new e-passport. In the case of application, only provide your previous MRP passport information from the ID Documents option.

The facility to renew e-passport from MRP

The big advantage of renewing from MRP passport to e-passport is the change of information. This means that if there is any information in your previous passport. You can easily include the correct information in the e-passport according to the current national identity card.

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