Online Income- Know some easy ways to earn online

PTC is the easiest way to earn online. PTC (paid to click) It is possible to earn by clicking on PTC sites. There are over 1,000 PTC sites worldwide, most of which are fake and new. There are many sites that become boring after running for a while. So before starting work on PTC sites, you must know about these sites well. Only good and legal PTC sites should work. Otherwise you will get nothing but admitting harassmentOnline Income- Know some easy ways to earn online




In this article of mine, I will definitely discuss the best and legal PTC sites that have been paying for a long time.






Income through YouTube

Another easy way to earn online is YouTube. You need to have a YouTube channel to earn here. And for that you can earn by making videos and giving uploaders. For this it is possible to earn on YouTube subject to fulfilling some conditions. You have to earn by uploading videos on YouTube and then setting AdSense.





The main source of revenue from YouTube is advertising. Which means you let advertisers use your YouTube channel and in return you get paid from them. That is, advertisers will show their ads at the beginning or middle of your YouTube video and you will earn from YouTube.




Ways to earn from YouTube

To earn from YouTube, you first need to open a YouTube channel. You can open your own YouTube channel for free through your Gmail account.




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But if you open a YouTube channel and visitors watch that video, you will not earn from it. To earn from YouTube you need to include your channel in YouTube Partner Program. After your channel is included in the YouTube Partner Program, YouTube will show the videos of various advertisers in return for which YouTube will pay you money or dollars.






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To participate in the YouTube partnership program you also need to fulfill some basic conditions and only if those conditions are fulfilled then you can apply to participate in this program.
The conditions for participation in the YouTube Partnership Program are-





Your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers.
Your channel must have 4,000 valid public watch hours (ie 24000 minutes) in the last 12 months.
You must have a Google Adsense account associated with your YouTube channel.
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Details are shown in the video-
Income from website or blog
A website is the online identity of any organization or company or person. Any type of company, school-college institution opens website under its own name. So that you can know about them on the internet or online world and can easily provide information to everyone about their various services. All such websites are institutional websites.






But outside of institutional websites there are millions of websites that are managed or owned by individuals. Such websites are usually made with any tips, tricks, ideas, news, job news, entertainment, sports news, reviews etc. Such websites are usually made for hobby or business purposes.






Below are some brief ways to earn from website or blog

1. Advertising Revenue: If your website has good quality articles, good quality visitors will visit your website instead. Then you can earn by displaying ads of different companies on your website. It is again of two types-




Local advertising and
Google Adsense Ads
2. Earn by selling your own products: If your site is popular then many visitors will visit every day. And you can advertise any kind of product you have made there and ensure good sales of your product from there.






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3. Earn from affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is like a salesman. Here you have to sell the products of different companies instead of which the owner of the product will give you a commission against the sold product

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