Online income system, 8 easy ways to earn money online

You all know that nowadays this virtual world has become a big source of income for people. The demand for professional freelancers is constantly increasing all over the world including in our country, which is creating a lot of jobs. Online income system, 8 easy ways to earn money online


If you are a student or a professional person then Online Income can be an opportunity for you to earn extra income. Lots of people around us are making money online in this way. If you want, you can also use your leisure time to earn extra money. In today’s article, I will talk about 6 such methods of online income. Let’s then move on to the main discussion.


Online income system

Here we will talk about 6 ways to make money online which are very popular and in-demand right now. You will need a computer to work on some of these and you can also work on some mobiles, but having a computer will be much easier and you will also get some benefits.


Ways to make money online

1. Earnings from YouTube
2. Online teaching
3. Goes blogging
4. Affiliate Marketing
5. Product reselling
6. Article writing
7. Income from Facebook group
8. Social media

1. Earnings from YouTube

YouTube is one of the world’s most popular video-sharing platforms. YouTube is becoming increasingly popular. And with that comes a lot of demand for video content creators. If you have a smartphone with a good camera in your hand, you can easily earn income from YouTube.

Having a good quality computer is not mandatory to make income online through YouTube. Rather, it is a smartphone with a good camera and configuration that can be used to record and edit videos. Several types of videos are in high demand on YouTube. Those are:

  • Gameplay
  • Funny videos
  • Informative video
  • Motivational video
  • Gadget Review
  • Technology-related
  • Craftwork video
  • Recipe video

If you make a video in this category above, you will quickly find success on YouTube. But you must be diligent. The first few days you work with a lot of enthusiasm and after a few days, you will not get success. A popular and effective way to earn money online is through YouTube.

2. Online teaching

We have been able to feel the need for online teachers since the Corona epidemic when all educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and universities, were closed. If you are well versed in any academic subject and want to teach then this may be a good way for you to have an online income.

YouTube and Facebook videos can be uploaded and paid courses can be sold to earn money. In our country, such paid courses are slowly coming to the people

Is gaining popularity. There are numerous online coaching centers in our country including 10 Minute School, Technique Easy Education, Amar Pathshala, Classroom, and Shikha which offer free video lectures as well as various paid courses.

If you do not want to build an institution yourself, you will have the opportunity to join another institution as an online teacher. For this you must acquire several skills including good skills, speaking in front of the camera. Then you will get the opportunity to work in many popular organizations by showing your skills.

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3. Goes blogging

Blogging is one of the most popular professions in today’s internet world. Many people enjoy blogging as an opportunity to earn extra income. Blogging is the act of regularly writing about one’s own or someone else’s website

Says. It can also be done on mobile. That’s why you don’t need to know any rocket science.

If you want, you can make a website and monetize it to earn money. That is why there is a separate ad network. Here are some popular ad networks:

And you don’t need to know coding to build a website, you don’t even need a computer with a heavy configuration. is a website that can be built for free, and it is also possible with mobile. So if you are a student or want to earn income online for extra income then blogging can be a promising way.

4. Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to earn money online is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is about selling someone’s product for a commission. If you have your own website from there

You can earn money through affiliate marketing. The website must be quite popular so that a good amount of traffic comes to the site every day.

And even if you don’t have a website of your own, you can still earn money through affiliate marketing. That is through Facebook and YouTube. A large group or popular Facebook page on Facebook

If so, it is possible to earn money online through affiliate marketing. Popular e-commerce sites offer affiliate programs to increase their product sales. Such as Amazon, Daraj Bangladesh, Ali Express, Priyashop, BD Shop, etc.

If you share the affiliate link of the product on the Facebook group or page and someone buys the product from there, you will get a commission. The amount of commission varies. Digital products such as:

Themes, plugins, services, etc. have higher commission rates (10% -50%) and physical products such as TVs, refrigerators, mobiles, dresses, etc. have lower commission rates (3% -15%).

5. Product reselling

Product reselling is the process of managing customers for a product on behalf of a company. Suppose there is an e-commerce company and they hire a few people, including you, as resellers to increase sales

Appointed. Now your job is to choose the product of your choice from their website and manage the customer for it. If the price of the product on their website is 500 rupees then you can sell the product for more than 500 rupees as much as your profit.

For product wrestling, if you just manage the customer and give the company their contact number and address, that company will deliver the product to the customer. You do not have to worry about this. Once the delivery is complete, the profit will be credited to your account.


There are several product reselling companies in Bangladesh

  • Shop up
  • Reseller hub
  • Enthusiasm
  • Biomo
  • B. market etc.

Product reselling is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Here you do not need to invest in any form, which means you have the opportunity to do business without investment. Online income system, 8 easy ways to earn money online

6. Article writing

Article writing is a simple and effective method of online income. However, it is not easy for everyone. This is great for those who are a little creative and good at writing. The number of websites on the internet is increasing rapidly and so is the demand for different types of content writers.

Having a computer is not mandatory for content writing, but if you want more convenience and hassle-free article writing, you need a PC. You can also earn income online by writing articles on mobile.

There are many resources and tutorials on article writing on various websites including YouTube that will help you become a writer. A good amount of money can be earned by writing regular articles for the client.

Many have chosen it as their main occupation. You too can become a professional article writer if you want, so you have to work hard and spend time on it. Fiber, Upwork, Freelancer,

There are many freelancing marketplaces including People Per Hour where this type of article writer is in great demand. Moreover, you will get clients from different groups on Facebook.

7. Income from Facebook group

Although it is not possible to earn money directly from a Facebook group, there are some techniques that can be used to earn money. For this, you need to create a large active group, which will be product by-cell type. There must be buyers and sellers. Here you can charge for sellers when the group is quite large. I am explaining the matter-

Suppose your group has 20,000 active members. Where a few sellers and most buyers are involved. If you make it a rule for sellers that you have to pay a certain amount of fee per month to post the cell in the group. And you can give them different tags according to the seller’s honesty and performance.

You can even arrange various offers and discounts on behalf of the group from time to time, this will increase the number of buyers and sellers in the group very fast. This is one of the ways to make money online from Facebook. Online income system, 8 easy ways to earn money online

8. Social media moderator

As the activity of people online increases, so does the demand for social media moderators. Many e-commerce companies have sprung up around Facebook. They use Facebook pages every day

Going to thousands of buyers with services and products. And on these pages, social media moderators are needed to answer and help buyers with various questions.

People who do this usually answer questions, product descriptions, accept orders, etc. on behalf of the page. If you are very active online then this is the money for you online

Maybe a good way of income. You do not need to invest here. You will only communicate with buyers through Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. It is not mandatory to have your computer. Online income system, 8 easy ways to earn money online

Last word

There are many ways to earn money online. You have read many such videos and articles on the internet were watching video ads talking about such topics including income, and income while playing games. But they cannot be a source of income in the long run. And income by watching ads, income by playing games, there is a possibility of cheating in this kind of work.

If you really want to make good money online, you need to have some skills. Incompetent work does not have success for long. If you are good at one of the above, you will not be short of work. In conclusion, stay away from cheating and acquire skills. “First Learn, Then Earn.” Online income system, 8 easy ways to earn money online

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