Online train ticket booking

Online Train Ticket Booking – Train journey is preferred by most people in the present time context. So, in this case, we could not collect our train tickets wasting a lot of time. In that case, tickets are often not available at the ticket counter, and it is not possible to buy tickets due to the crowd. Online train ticket booking





train ticket booking

Online train ticket booking has to wait in line for a long time to collect the train ticket. Again due to lack of time it is not possible to go to the station and buy tickets. In this case, we can easily collect train tickets online. Details are discussed on this page below. Now let’s see how we can get train tickets online





Open the website

Go to the Bangladesh Railway website Then sign-in or sign-up options will open. Those who already have an account will sign in. Click Sign-up to open the account.





Go to page

After clicking sign-up, a page will appear in front of the user. Name, e-mail, password, current address, and mobile phone number should be given there. Remember, the person in whose name the account is open will be the owner of the ticket and an account can be open with a mobile number. The number with which the ticket is book is shown in the ticket PDF.






Now see the ‘PIN’ sent to the user’s e-mail. Now sign in with e-mail, Railway ID password, and security code. Then another tab will open. In the last step, a verification code will be sent to the mobile message. Now enter the code and click on ‘Check Verification Code. Diameter! You are now a Railway account owner.





What to do to know the price of the ticket?

Click on the fare query button to know the ticket price. Here select some information and click on the ‘show-fare’ button to know the price.





How to buy tickets?

Click on the ‘Purchase Ticket’ option to book tickets. Then a page will open. Select ‘Station From’ and ‘Station To’ there. After selecting the travel date click on the class button. Now select the type of ticket you need and click on the ‘Search Train’ option.





Train selection

There may be one or more trains on the date and route on which the train selection is made. This level will show when to leave. Select the number of adults and children on the train you wish to travel on. Bangladesh Railways does not issue more than four tickets including for adults and children.





Ticket selection

Now let’s come to the ticket selection. It has two options namely ‘Auto-Selection’ and ‘Seat Selection’. If you select ‘Auto-Selection’, the seat will be given according to the choice of the railway. On the other hand, if you select ‘seat-selection’, you can choose the seat according to your choice.






Selecting ‘Seat-Selection’ will show the seating plan of one or more compartments. You have the opportunity to choose a comfortable seat. The seats will appear ‘red’ and ‘green’. If you see ‘red’, you will know that the seat has already been sold. On the other hand, if ‘green’ appears, the seat has not yet been sold.





When buying tickets

Bangladesh Railway ticket buying time is 6 AM to 11 PM. That is, it is not possible to buy tickets after eleven o’clock at night.






Payment can be made to Bangladesh Railway through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, DBBL Nexus, and DBBL Mobile Banking. In the payment option, select the payment method you want to use.






Now do the railway sign-out. A PDF copy of the ticket will be email. Download or print at your convenience. If you want to take a hard copy of the ticket from the counter, write the mobile number and the pin number of the ticket and submit it there.






PDF copy

The PDF copy will be in the name of the person from whose name the ticket is purchase. So no one else can travel with this ticket. If someone does so, the prescribed authorities can take any action.

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