Prime Bank loans through the app!

For the first time, the private sector Prime Bank has started disbursing digital loans to garment workers in the country. Under the pilot project, the workers of four garment factories owned by Anant Jalil have received application loans through the app this year. If this project is successful, then Prime Bank will start a loan program for the workers of all garment factories in the country. Prime Bank loans through the app!




For this, the garment workers have to open an account with Prime Bank and download the Prime Advance app from the mobile phone app store and log in. Notification will go to Prime Bank after login. Then Prime Bank will check the borrower’s creditworthiness and disburse the loan. For this, the recipient does not have to go to the bank. You will get a loan at home.




Prime Bank Digital Banking Division Senior Assistant Vice-President Majeed Ul Haque said that the salary of garment workers is low. They do not get direct loans from banks. We will give loans to them. Prime Bank launched the loan program in collaboration with SwissContact and British Fin-Tech Advance (AGAM) International.

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