Problem to see Bengali in Google Chrome? The solution is here!

After a recent update of the popular internet browser Google Chrome, many people are having difficulty viewing Bengali in it. Additions are getting broken and ‘size’ ‘e-car’ etc. are also getting confused. Some have even considered changing browsers. But it is possible to get rid of this problem of Chrome very easily. Problem to see Bengali in Google Chrome? The solution is here!







If you are using Bengali writing software ‘Avro’ on computer, then ‘Siyam Rupali’ font should be installed in it. If not using Avro, then download Siam Rupali font by visiting this page or directly from this link. Double click on the font file and click on its ‘Install’ button to install the font.






Now click on the menu icon on the top right (below the close button) of your Google Chrome as per the screenshot below. How many options will open. From there click on ‘Settings’.






At the bottom of the page that will appear, select ‘Show Advanced Settings’ and you will see the ‘Customize Font’ button in the ‘Web Content’ menu. Clicking on ‘Customize Fonts’ will bring up the font menu.






google chrome bengali font

Shortcut: To come this far, open a new tab in Chrome and copy-paste this link chrome://settings/fonts in the address bar and enter!






From here, leaving the ‘Standard Font’ (standard font) unchanged, change the following ‘Serif Font’ and ‘Sans-serif Font’, select ‘Siyam Rupali’ and click on the ‘Done’ button to exit. Now you should not have any problem to see Bengali text in Google Chrome. If you still have problems, you can try selecting Siam Silver instead of the standard font.

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