PSG Club,The Best Football Club in the World

The best team in the world PSG!

Who is the best attacker in the world at the moment? After the signing of Lionel Messi, the name of PSG can be said with closed eyes. Parisians are now the best team in the world, not only in attack but also in midfield, defense line and goalkeeping position. How was the PSG team in the 2021-22 season?

Hundreds of thousands of questions and endless anxieties in the cool side of peace in Paris, Lionel Messi’s fans addressed this smiling greeting. Losing address at Camp Nou is now the world’s best new destination. The wait is something new in the new chapter!

Identity has changed. The city has changed. Also his favorite jersey number. Leo is back at No. 30 at the start of his career. The caste has also changed with him. Although there is a possibility to wear the number 19 jersey.

Leo to a new address with a new identity. You may have to wait and see if you can get off at Park the Princess very soon. On the one hand, Sensation Killian Mbabane accompanies his old teammate Neymar. This is the best attack in the world at the moment.

His Argentine teammate Angel Di Maria will have to step back a bit to give Messi a place. In that case the left wing position is perfect. Vinaldam and Veratti Pachettino’s first choice in midfield. In the right wing, Ashraf Hakimi transferred 60 million from Inter.

The side XI of the Parisians in the midfield will undoubtedly be the best XI to be arranged with them. In the crowd of so many stars, Julian Draxler, Leandro Pardes, Ander Herrera or Rafinha are unfortunate. In terms of attack, Pablo Sarabia and Mauro Icardi are in a similar situation.

The French giants have a great defense right now. The fact that Real released Ramos as an old man has definitely increased the strength of PSG. With Presnell Kingampembe and Marquinhos, the Parisians have set up an impenetrable wall.

Gianluigi Donarumma’s gloves have shown how loyal the football world is to the just-concluded Euro. This Italian will be the vigilant guard of PSG. His replacement is Kyler Navas, who had a great time in the next era at Real Madrid.

De Maria said:

Despite playing in the Argentine national team for almost 12 years together, Di Maria never found Lionel Messi as a teammate. This time Messi has come to PSG and Maria has filled that gap. “I dreamed of playing with Messi and winning the title for the national team,” said Maria. Within a month, I had two.

So far, almost everyone who has played as Messi’s teammate could not help but admire him. Many have expressed regret at not being able to play in the same club with Messi at different times. De Maria is a lucky name there. After playing for the national team for a long time, this time he got Messi as a club teammate. De Maria said of this, ‘I am very happy. The dreams I had came true within a month. Winning a trophy for the national team and getting Messi in the same club, that’s what I always wanted.

Like Messi, Giorgio Vinaldam, Gianluigi Donnaruma and Sergio Ramos also came to PSG as free agents. With so many stars coming, can Killian Mbappe leave PSG in any way? To such a question, De Maria said, ‘Mbappe? I think he will stay. It’s true that he’s the kind of player the big teams want. But we are also one of the big clubs now. Rather, a club like ours in Mbappe will not be found anywhere at the moment. So he should stay here.

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