Messi says PSG’s Victory,Mbappe-Mauro Icardi


Everyone already knows that Neymar will not play. It has been confirmed long before the match that the superstar Lionel Messi, who set foot in Paris three days ago, is not there. It was also known that the star defender of Spain Sergio Ramos, who signed for PSG this season, will not play due to injury.

Then why would anyone be interested in the match against Strasbourg at the home ground of PSG! But before the start of such a match, the PSG authorities did not give a surprise! There is still a lot left to start the match. Before the PSG players took to the field, music was played, fireworks were set off and fireworks were lit. Lionel Messi came on the field in the middle of the colorful wash!

Not only is Messi alone, he is joined by four other new PSG players; Ashraf Hakimi, Sergio Ramos, Giorgio Vinaldam and Gianluigi Donnarumma. Five footballers came down to the field together and responded to the congratulations of the PSG supporters. PSG supporters also welcomed them with applause and joy.

                 KYLIAN MBAPPE


Messi did not play, but who knows if he will be called, PSG has been giving a great football gift from the beginning against Strasbourg. In the end, Killian Mbappe-Mauro Icardi won 4-2 against Strasbourg at their home Park de Princes.

PSG went ahead in 3 minutes of the match. Messi, Neymar, Mbappe; If this trio starts playing, Argentine striker Icardi may not get a chance in the PSG XI. He scored the first goal against Strasbourg today. However, Diallo’s extraordinary pass was a big contribution to this goal.

Mbapp scored the second goal of PSG in 25 minutes. The French forward fell into the box with a pass from Draxler. He took the shot, beating two Strasbourg players in the step out. That shot hit Strasbourg’s Ludovic Azuruk in the head and went into their net.


Mbappe-Mauro Icardi

The third goal of PSG is like a photocopy of the second goal. Mbappe made a great cross by dancing the Strasbourg players with extraordinary speed and dribbling. That cross went and fell at Draxler’s feet. It is as if Mbappe has arranged him a goal on a plate. Draxler did not have much difficulty in scoring the goal by sending the ball into the net.

But what happened in the second half of PSG! They scored 2 goals in 11 minutes. Strasbourg started the second half great with a 3-1 lead in 53 minutes. Kevin Gameiro defeated Kyler Navas with a superb header. The second goal was also headed. It’s like a lot of curse. In the first half, the ball hit Azoruk’s head and went into their net. This time he made it 3-2 in the 64th minute by scoring from a great header.

With 10 minutes left in the match, when Strasbourg started to fight hard for an equalizer, in the 61st minute, Alexander Ziku showed a red card and they became a team of 10 people. PSG makes good use of this opportunity. Pablo Sarabia scored a goal in the 6th minute with the help of Mbappe and hoped to return to the match in Strasbourg.

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