Qatar World Cup 2022: Schedule, when, where, Stadium

Qatar World Cup 2022: Schedule, when, where, Stadium

FIFA has announced the schedule for the World Cup in Qatar. The World Cup football match will run from November 21 to December 18, 2022. A press release issued by FIFA and the Supreme Committee of Qatar said that the World Cup will start on Monday, November 21, 2022, at Al-Bayt Stadium. The venue for the opening match, Al-Bayt, has a capacity of 60,000 spectators.

The final of the 2022 Qatar World Cup will be held on December 16 at the 80,000-seat Luciel Stadium. The final will start at 10 pm Bangladesh time.

The group stage will run for 12 days, with four matches per day. This time the first group stage will have four matches a day. The group stage match will continue like this for 12 days. The match will be played in eight stadiums across Qatar.


2022 Qatar World Cup

The group stage matches will be three hours apart. The distance between the venues is not too much. If the spectator wants, he can finish one match and watch another match at another venue. The first match of the day will start at 1 pm local time (4 pm Bangladesh time). The last match will start at 10 pm local time.

From the group stage, the tournament will go to the last 16, there will be two matches every day. A two-day break at the end of the last sixteen. The four matches of the quarter-finals will end in two days. A two-day break at the end of the quarter-finals. One match a day in the semifinals. After a two-day break after the semifinals on December 14, the third-place match will be played on December 16, followed by the final the next day.

Qatar is the first country in the Middle East to host the World Cup. The game will be played in 6 aesthetic stadiums in 5 cities of the country. However, all eyes will be on the venue of the final, Lucille Iconic. At every end of the 60,000-capacity stadium, like the perfect touch of an artist’s brush. The reflection of the water and the construction of the saddle-shaped roof make it look like a floating field. Visitors must cross a special bridge to enter the field. There will be artificial water fountains all around. The entire stadium will be powered by its own solar power. Besides, there will be a special glass cover on the top of the stadium.


Khalifa Stadium

Khalifa Stadium is the national stadium of Qatar. Which was established in 1986. However, on the occasion of the World Cup, the stadium has been radically changed and renovated. The number of seats has come down to 45,000.

Bayt Stadium

Al Bayt Stadium, which is entirely air-conditioned, can compete with Lucille in aesthetics. Not only that, the stadium has multiple luxury hotels. You can also enjoy the opening match of the World Cup on November 21 while having coffee on the balcony.


Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium

No 3D animated scenes. It is Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium. Like a piece of a blue moon. The empty space at the top of the stadium can be covered with special glass if you want. Seating chairs can be moved as desired. Special lamps have been used to illuminate the entire stadium. Its capacity is about 45 thousand.

Al Thumma Stadium

Like a blooming lotus in the heart of the desert. It’s like a man’s hat. This is exactly how the Al Thumma Stadium, located 12 kilometers from Doha, will catch your eye when the construction is completed. Surprises do not end here. The Qatari government is building an entire city in the desert for Al Thumma Stadium.

Education City Stadium

Education City, the city of Al Ryan, has been named the only green stadium in the World Cup. Where all the matches of the quarter-finals will be. The already inaugurated stadium is the most expensive stadium in Qatar in terms of cost. And geographically just 51 minutes away from Bahrain, the Education City Stadium is gaining in importance.

Al Waqra Stadium

The Al Waqra Stadium has completely changed for the World Cup. The name has been changed to Al Janab. Built in the shape of Doha’s traditional boat, the stadium has come under special scrutiny for its huge size. That is why 50,000 cars can be parked together in the parking lot of this stadium with a capacity of 40,000.

Ras Abu Aboud Stadium

Construction of the Ras Abu Aboud Stadium in Dohar will be completed this year. Whose capacity will be 40 thousand? There will be artificial lakes on both sides of the stadium. There will be special arrangements at Abu Abod Stadium for other games after the Football World Cup.

This is the first FIFA World Cup in the Middle East. It is also the first World Cup to be held in November-December. The draw for the main event of the World Cup will be held only after all the matches of the qualifying round are over in March 2022.

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