Real Madrid left the field with the victory

Real Madrid victory

Real Madrid fans are waiting for Mbappe to come or not. In the meantime, Real started playing league matches. The opponent was also quite strong, Real Betis. However, Betis did not cause any mishap. Real Madrid left the field with the victory. Dani Carvajal’s goal confirmed three full points.

Real Madrid will play in the 4-3-3 table as usual. David Alaba and Militia also teamed up in front of goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois in central defense, with Dani Carvajal and Miguel Rodriguez playing as two fullbacks.

Tony Cruz and Luka Modric were absent due to midfield injuries. As a result, Brazilian defensive midfielder Casimiro was dropped along with Uruguay’s Federico Valverde and Spanish midfielder Isco. Coach Carlo Ancelotti fielded Vinicius Jr. and Gareth Bale on either side of Karim Benzema in the attack.

Real got several opportunities for the benefit of Benzema and Vinicius from the very beginning. Upstairs Gareth Bale was rather dull. The absence of Cruz and Madrich in the midfield has hurt Real a little bit, which is why the newcomer David Alaba has been leaving his teammate Militao behind in the midfield.

Real Madrid

Meanwhile, Real Betis’ French winger Nabil Feki has caused panic in Real’s defense several times. Argentine midfielder Guido Rodriguez has played great as a defensive midfielder. Another midfielder from English club Norwich Betis is looking to buy Portugal’s, William Carvalho. Why he wants to buy, why Betisai, or why he is leaving a midfielder like Carvalho, it is clear in the performance of Guido Rodriguez.

Real was having problems from time to time while pressing properly. However, Betis did not take advantage of that opportunity. They could not keep the possession of the ball to themselves that way. In the first half, he could not do exactly what he did in the second half.

That’s why Real did not make a mistake to take their chances. Right-back Dani Carvajal scored in the 61st minute with the help of Karim Benzema. Isco, Bell – Seeing that both of them couldn’t do much, Ancelotti picked Lucas Vasquez and Marco Asensio on the field.

Real Madrid

The lack of a fit player on Real’s bench to defend and play in midfield was evident when a winger like Asensio came to play in midfield. At the end of the match, left-back Miguel Rodriguez, who played great throughout the match, was replaced by Brazilian winger Rodrigo. Miguel got up due to injury, or maybe this young man would have played for the whole ninety minutes. In the end, Eden Hazard also took the field in place of Vinicius, and also got a yellow card for the delay.

Real’s midfielder Casimiro created a lot of humor in the 57th minute of the match. In the middle of the day, he tackled one of the players of Betis and tackled the reverse referee Hernandez Hernandez. Good luck, the referee did nothing! Later, the referee got up with a smile and ‘settled’ everything with Casimiro!

Real Madrid

At the end of the match, Betis got the equalizer for the welfare of two former Batis stars. Betis could no longer score in the duo of winger Christian Tayor and right-back Martin Montoya. As a result, Real left the field with the victory. It may not be a good idea to go looking for so much beauty in this win, but at the end of the day, it will be quite satisfying for Ancelotti to get three points with this squad against an opponent like Betis.

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