Real-PSG tension with Ronaldo


Incredible things like the departure of Lionel Messi from Barsa have happened this summer. If Messi changes clubs, how does Cristiano Ronaldo sit? Several reliable media outlets in France, Spain, England and Italy have reported that Ronaldo could leave Juventus. However, the media of each country is talking about Ronaldo’s next destination.

Let’s talk about Spain first. After playing in the Spanish league for Real Madrid, Ronaldo became today’s Ronaldo.

The Spanish media El Chiringito gave a news last night. Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has stepped in to bring former disciple Ronaldo to the club, Chiringito journalist Edu Agiri said. In the meantime, Ancelotti is in regular contact with Ronaldo and his spokesman Jorge Mendez. Fabrizio Romano, a reliable journalist on defections, also confirmed the news.

However, if Ancelotti is interested, there is no reason to think that Ronaldo will set foot in Real again. Romano doesn’t think so. Who will come to Real, it depends entirely on one. He is President Florentino Perez.

Romano thinks Perez will join Ronaldo if he wants to, not otherwise. Real Madrid have not sent a formal offer to Juventus for Ronaldo, Romano said.


Meanwhile, according to Sky Sports, the reliable media of England, after Neymar, Mbappe and Messi, this time PSG is also reaching out to Ronaldo. The news was confirmed by the Spanish media AS. They said that even if not this season, the French champions will definitely bring Ronaldo in the team next season. Ronaldo’s contract with Juventus expires next year. Ronaldo and Juventus have not started talks to renew the contract. PSG will extend a hand to Ronaldo after the end of the contract.

The French club is planning to do the same with Ronaldo as Messi has been included in the team for free. Not only Ronaldo, they are also planning to bring in French midfielder Paul Pogba from Manchester United.

Meanwhile, according to Julian Lawrence, a reliable French journalist with BT Sports, ESPN and RMC Sports, PSG will not sign Ronaldo this year. PSG’s next plan this year is to retain Mbappe at any cost, renewing Mbappe’s contract. However, Lawrence did not say clearly whether he will bring Ronaldo to the PSG team next season. Meanwhile, Fabrizio Romano’s words are also going to match with Lawrence’s words. According to him, PSG has no interest in Ronaldo after bringing in Messi this season. The main goal of PSG is to keep Mbappe in the team now.

Meanwhile, Italian media have reported that Ronaldo himself has expressed interest in playing for Manchester City. Romano has blown that claim again. According to him, City’s goal is to bring Harry Kane to the team at any cost.

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