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Today we will know what is the report? Why is the report made? Then we will learn the rules of writing a news report. Rules for writing an investigation report. The Rules for writing official reports. Rules for writing editorial reports. Rules for writing investigative reports. Corona report writing rules. Rules for writing adulterated reports on food. Rules for writing research reports. Report writing rules, all types of report writing rules, samples


Report Writing Rules Bangla 2nd Paper Hsc. Rules for writing reports Ssc. If you are an SSC or HSC student, it is very important for you to know the exact rules of report writing.


If you want to get good marks in Bangla Second Paper, you must learn to write reports. So anyway let’s look at different types of report writing rules and examples.



What is a report?

Many ask what is the report? Simply put, a report is an information-rich account of a specific subject. In English, it is called Report. In simple language, a report is a report that is rich in the information written on a specific topic.



How many types of reports?

There is no specific classification of the report. The report can be different in different contexts.

However, there are some common reports that are discussed in detail below.

1. News reports

2. Investigation report

3. General Institutional Report.

4. Sports science-based report.

5. Report on political, social, and cultural issues.

6. Interview report.

7. Editorial report

8. Investigative reports etc.



Rules for writing a good report:

The report will have an eye-catching title.

The report will be concise and important.

All information published in the report will be specific, well-chosen, accurate, complete, and in simple language.

The title of your report must match the original report.



What are the essential parts of the report?

Every subject has some basic or essential subject without which that subject is not complete.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

1. Title

2. Name of reporter

3. Place

4. Date

These are the four issues that I mentioned. These four issues must be present in the report. Otherwise, we can’t call it a report.



Title of the report:

The title of an ideal report would be eye-catching. Provide eye-catching headlines so that the reader is compelled to read your entire report.

The title of the report makes the reader feel curious to read the whole report.



Reporter’s name:

The second step in forming a report as a standard report is to mention the name of the reporter in the report.

When we look at different magazines, we will notice that the headline has the name of the reporter or the staff reporter, or the representative himself. This is basically the name of the reporter:




The third important aspect of the report is the location from which the report was sent or the details of the area given in the report.




The exact date should be mentioned in the report. In this way, the reader can easily understand the date of the report.



Rules for writing news reports:

Now we will learn how to write a report for a newspaper. The first thing you need to do when writing a news report is to provide a headline for the news.


News reports are not without headlines. This is a very important issue. A summary of the news is published in the headline. The reader decides whether he will read the news after seeing the headline.


The news report begins with the name of the reporter, the title of the reporter, the place of the incident, and the brief content of the report. This episode ends in just 2/3 lines.


The next part of the report is to write a detailed description. An interesting thing about writing a news report is that you can go straight to the main article by writing the headline here.

There is no need for formality in such reports.



Example of writing a report in a newspaper:

The question is, write a news report on what to do to prevent river erosion.

Want sustainable crossbar barriers, not relief.

Fahim Jahed, Sirajganj Representative:

Every year during the monsoon season, we get the news of the misery of the people on the banks of the Jamuna in Sirajganj.

As the waters of the Jamuna continue to rise, so does the suffering of the people on the banks of the Jamuna. Every year the river Jamuna breaks. People are losing their land. Relief materials also come. Gone are the days of relief distribution festivals.

As the water recedes, there is no one left to look for the wrecked people.

Year after year, the rainy season breaks again and the Jamuna becomes desolate. This is going on year after year. There has never been a permanent solution.

Last month, river erosion occurred in Pachthakuri village of Sirajganj Sadar Upazila, in which thousands of people lost their land.

These destitute people, who are destitute due to the breakage of the Jamuna, no longer want relief.

Many are living inhuman lives under the open sky.

When this reporter met with them, everyone appealed to the government through the reporter that the government should take permanent action to prevent river erosion.

Reporter’s name: Fahim Jahed
Address: Sirajganj Sadar
Report Title: Want Sustainable Crossbar Barriers, Not Relief
Report time: 4 p.m.
Date of preparation of the report: 20 August 2021.



Rules for writing institutional reports

At this stage of learning the rules of report writing, we will now learn how to write a simple institutional report.
What is an institutional or official report?

A report that is written for an institutional or official need is called an institutional report or official report.
The national report begins with “Barabar Headmaster”.

Here is a reference to the headmaster’s letter. In short, what we know as a “memorial number”.
Then write the title of the report, finish the title and write a description consistent with the content.

Example of writing an institutional or official report
August 21, 2021
Bhatia J. R. S. Multipurpose High School.
Bhatpiari, Chongachha, Sirajganj.
Subject: Report on the program of “International Mother Language Day” celebrated in the school.


Source: Vajrasa: 2021/21 (a) Date 21/7/2021.

I am presenting the following report on the programs celebrated on the occasion of International Mother Language Day at the recently concluded Bhatpiyari J&K Multipurpose High School.

“International Mother Language Day” is celebrated at the initiative of Bhatpiari High School.

International Mother Language Day has been celebrated in Sirajganj on the initiative of Bhatpiari High School.

The school celebrated International Mother Language Day with various splendid events organized by the school’s Bangla teacher Mr. Fazlul Haque.

The day-long event started at 8 am with a morning ferry. Early in the morning, the students of the school started gathering in front of the administrative building of the school. All the teachers and staff of the school also joined.



You are reading the rules of report writing

All of them laid wreaths at the Shaheed Bedi located at the school. At that time, the song of Amur Ekushey was uttered in the mouths of everyone.

After handing over the wreath, poetry recitation and music program started. In this episode, the students recited the poems of the great poets of Bengali literature. And many students have been seen reciting their self-written poems.

At the end of the recitation of poems, patriotic songs are sung. Starting from the students of the school, the teachers also joined in this session. He sings various popular patriotic songs.

In the afternoon a discussion meeting was organized on International Mother Language Day.

Several students, including the school teacher, had a nice discussion on Mother’s Day.

After that, the prayer program started. Maulana Ahsan Ullah, the head maulvi teacher of the school conducted the prayer program. At that time, he prayed for all those who gave their lives for the mother tongue and said that Allah would accept everyone as a martyr.

At the end of the prayer program, the head of the school announced the end of the day-long program.
Reporter’s name: Fahim Jahed
9th class roll no
Bhatpiari High School.
Title of the report:
Date: 26/2/2021
Time to prepare the report: 10 am



Rules for writing an investigation report:

Now we will learn how to write an investigation report. Earlier we learned how to write a simple institutional report.

Interestingly, there is some similarity between the general institutional report and the investigation report. However, the personal opinion of the author of the report is important here. This report is to be submitted to the responsible authority.

A detailed description of the incident is to be written at the beginning of the report. Then you have to write about what should be done in the future so that this incident does not happen again.



Example of writing an investigation report:

Suppose there are regular cow thefts in your area. Prepare an investigation report to uncover the cause.

First, you have to write the date
August 22, 2021
Deputy Commissioner
Subject: Preparation of investigation report on cattle theft.
Your letter No. 2021 / CJ7 / 21 has been ordered and an investigation report on cow theft has been prepared.
Reporter: Fahim Jahed
Sirajganj, Sadar.



Sample investigation report:

And how much will be stolen farmer’s dream !!
Fahim Jahed, Sirajganj Sadar
About 11 o’clock at night. Pachanthakuri village of Sirajganj Sadar Upazila on the banks of the river is half asleep. Suddenly, everyone fell asleep hearing the screams of thieves.

He goes out with his hand to catch the thief. At the moment everyone in the village gathers to catch the thief. But by then it has become! Titu Mallick’s two cows were taken away by thieves. Titu Mallick’s dream vanished in an instant.

Not just Titu Mallick. This is happening every day. Every day is the golden dream of the farmer to survive. Even after so many thefts every day, there is no way to stop the theft of cows.

I have found some reasons behind this incident by investigating on the spot. They are highlighted below:

1. The village is located on the banks of the river, so the thieves can easily escape with the help of engine-driven boats.
2. The roads in this area are inaccessible and it is not easy to reach from one house to another.
3. There is no electricity in this area either, the thief realizes the opportunity due to excess load shedding and when there is no electricity, he enters the farmer’s house and steals it.
4. Cattle thieves arreste in the past have not been given a fair trial.

Talk to the locals of the area, some recommendations were made to prevent cow theft

1. Arranging night patrols in the village of Pachanthakuri with watchmen or by any means,
2. To provide lighting through solar power at every point of the village.
3. To develop village roads.
4. Strengthen regular naval police patrols on the river.
5. A speeding speedboat is ready to catch the thief.
⁇ To provide exemplary punishment to the thieves caught.

Rules for writing investigative reports:

At this stage of learning the rules of report writing, we will learn how to prepare an investigative report.



What is investigative journalism?

Investigative journalism is the disclosure of secret information to the public. Ordinary or powerful people deliberately keep this information secret. A reporter has to work for months to prepare an investigative report. Gate is a variety of documents.

Investigative reporting is a form of journalism where the reporter creates a news story by analyzing the in-depth analysis of an incident. There is no opportunity for the reporter to give his own opinion here.

The success of the investigative report is to present the original description of the incident from a neutral position.

There may be investigative reports on various issues such as murder, disappearance, rape, and various corruption irregularities.

In other words, you have to start the news with the basic information. The investigative report must be clear, concise, and precise. If it takes enough time to prepare the report, it will not take much time to read the report.

The reporter will not be able to give his own opinion on these reports. Can’t blame anyone. Only highlight irregularities and inconsistencies among all.



You are reading the rules of report writing

The information will be provided in the report. They must be reliable and accurate information. In no way can false or partially true information be present to the reader.

If the report is publish consecutively, the episodes should be arrange in such a way that the reader reads one episode and eagerly awaits the next episode.

Investigative reporting is logical news. There is no place for emotion here. The more arguments a reporter uses, the better investigative report he can write.

I am ending today’s episode here. Insha Allah I will discuss another topic with you in the future. I wish him well and healthy.

And if you have any information, please let us know in the comments. We will try our best to help you.

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