Robirbazar is rich in cottage industry and furniture industry

Once upon a time everything people needed depended on cottage industries. But with the evolution of time, today the cottage industry is losing. The people who love cottage industry in Robirbazar area have kept something in spite of this unfavorable situation. But they are not good. Because readily available plastic products have destroyed their market. Cottage artists are turning to other professions for the sake of life and livelihood. But you can’t leave this profession that you like, so many types of products made of bamboo are still available in every market in Robirbazar.

Cottage Art & Furniture Rabirbazar
Cottage art and furniture
Rabirbazar – Rabirbazar
The furniture industry has been able to sustain itself in the modern age by changing itself with time. Within the larger Sylhet division, Robirbazar is rich in furniture industry. There are about hundreds of furniture factories here. Furniture traders from different areas of the country are doing business with ready furniture from here. The prices of furniture products here are very limited due to the availability of furniture workers. That’s why people from different parts of the country flock to this Robirbazar every day to buy furniture.

Robirbazar is one of the ancient bazaars.

This market was named Robirbazar after Moulvir Robi Khar, one of the members of Prithimpasha Zamindar house. Currently the market is in the second position of Kulaura upazila. This Robirbazar area is prosperous in all areas including school-college-madrasa bank-insurance. Beyond Robirbazar Longla Modern Degree College in the north and Sadpasha Government Primary School in the south, the area of ​​Robirbazar is gradually expanding towards Karmadha Road in the east and Bijli Road in the west.

Robirbazar Jame Masjid (Robirbazar Mosque)

This ancient traditional bazaar has a traditional Robirbazar Mosque. Robirbazar Jame Masjid is popular with people of all castes and religions. Many loved things including money, gold and silver were donated to the mosque of Robirbazar Jame Masjid to fulfill the various wishes and needs of the people. It is known that they also benefit from it. The donation box of the mosque is opened twice a week. Robirbazar Jame Masjid earns about Tk 15 to 20 lakhs every week. New building of Robirbazar Jame Masjid has been constructed. Where about 10 thousand worshipers can pray together. Every Friday, pilgrims come from different parts of the country to pray at the Robirbazar Jami Masjid.







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This ancient traditional bazaar has a traditional Robirbazar Mosque. Robirbazar Jame Masjid is popular with people of all castes and religions.







Rabirbazar Mosque

At one time Robirbazar was full of people 24 hours a day and night. It is heard from people that the night market could not be stopped in Robirbazar even after curfew was issued in 1971. With the development of civilization, the demand for night market has reduced a lot but still crowds can be seen till late night in Robirbazar.








All kinds of daily necessities are available in the market every day, but there is a market here two days a week. The custom of sitting at the market in Robirbazar every Sunday and Thursday has been prevalent since ancient times.







At present,

Robirbazar is very advanced in terms of wealth and education. But the people of this area are lagging behind in the health sector. There is still no good quality government or private hospital in Robirbazar. Although few MBBS doctors sit in private chambers, it is beyond the reach of common people. Low-income people are deprived of quality treatment due to non-availability of good quality government hospitals and high consultation fees in private chambers. Residents of Robirbazar demand that a good quality hospital be built here to provide good treatment for common people







The conscious people of the area think that if Robirbazar is converted into an upazila, the common people of this area will be saved from various aspects of deprivation. This area will progress from backward position including development of health sector.

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