Rules for adding thousands of friends from IMO

The topic I will talk to you about today is how you can easily add thousands of friends online using the IMO application. Rules for adding thousands of friends from IMO



You will not be able to enjoy this option through the applications that are currently available in the Play Store in an emo official way. To use this option you need to use Emo Apps 2019 20 utensils.

How to download the 2019 20 version?

To download the 2019 20 versions, click on the link provided by me and download the old version of Emo. It is very easy to go to the download page just by clicking on the link and downloading by clicking on the download option.

IMO account open:

Once downloaded, install Emo Apps and open an IMO account with a number. Everyone needs to know how to open an emo account.

First, use the SIM of any of your operators like Grameen Banglalink Robi Teletalk, etc. After placing the 11-digit numbers used in the SIM in an empty cell, just click on the market and you will get a 4-digit verification code on that number, that is, on that SIM. If the SIM is on the same phone then the code automatically sits in the empty cell. Many times do not understand. Sometimes the desired SIM may be inserted into another phone. No matter where you are, you have to put a four-digit code number.


After entering the four-digit code correctly, an emo account name box will appear immediately. Then give a picture. And then when you do OK you completely set up the emu account.

Rules for adding friends online:

Once out of the open emo apps to add friends online. IMO apps are also cut from minimizing. Click on the new app again. Then click on the second option. Explore by clicking on this option you can see a little down. Click on Who’s online to see thousands of friends.

Rules for adding friends online:

You can send a request to anyone you like. Click on the preferred account to send the request. And at the top, he will see an option called hi say hi. And you can see the infinite option at the bottom. That is, if you click on any one of the two places, the request will go to him. And if someone sends you a request. After entering the Who’s online option, you can see the hand icon at the top. If someone sends you a request, there will be one. Collect as many requests as you can and collect the information.

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