Rules for checking Dubai visa with passport number

There is no end to questions about Dubai visa checks or how to check a Dubai visa with a passport number. Because every year thousands and millions of people from all over the world visit Dubai. A valid Dubai visa is required to go to Dubai. Rules for checking Dubai visa with passport number






Many people apply for Dubai visas from various agencies and their relatives. But the problem comes when one job is taken to Dubai and another job is given. Then there is nothing to do.

And this problem is usually more in the case of those who go abroad without a visa check. So if you can check your visa at home then there is no problem. You can get rid of all these unwanted troubles.






Through today’s post, you can know how to check your Dubai visa easily with a Dubai visa check or passport number. So let’s find out without delay:-






Dubai Visa Check Online/Dubai Visa Check

From which agency you applied for a Dubai work visa? You have received the visa from the agency and after all the procedures you have left for Dubai. When you go to Dubai, you see that you got a visa to work in a market but you are getting street cleaning work there.






Then you can do this without coming back from Dubai. This is constantly happening due to some mistake on our part. If you had checked the Dubai visa online when you were in the country, this problem would have been avoided.




That is, you did not have to suffer so much. Therefore, no matter through which visa you apply, it is important to check the visa after getting the visa.







Dubai Visa Check Rules

If you have a Dubai visa, then you can check whether it is genuine or fake online at home in just 2 minutes. Dubai visa can be checked very easily by following the following method using the Android phone in your hand.






Step 1:

First, go to google and search by writing ica smart service or you can go directly to the website using this link After searching the website, scroll down a bit and click directly on the public service option.






Step 2:

As soon as you click, you will be taken to a new page, from here you have to click on File validity.

After clicking on File Validity, you will be taken to another page.






Step 3:

Now from here, you have to select passport in the option called search by and select visa in the lower room respectively select the type.

Now go down and select your passport number, passport expiry date, and nationality in the lower room. And in the please select option you have to select the country of which you are a citizen.






Step 4:

After everything is done, you have to fill in the box below I am a not robot and click on the search button. If you have given everything correctly, then you can see the status of your visa here. If you have difficulty understanding something, then you can watch the video below.






last word

By now you may have known how to check a Dubai visa with a passport number or how to check a Dubai visa very easily. Even then, if there is any question regarding any matter, then you can directly comment to us. An attempt will be made to answer your question correctly.

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