Rules for writing the application form Application writing rules

Rules for writing application forms: Many times different types of application forms have to be written for the convenience of Bengali application work. But due to the lack of proper Bengali application writing rules, we have to learn the application or application writing rules from the experts. Especially the job seekers face a lot of problems due to not knowing the rules of writing a job application or job application properly. In most cases, it is seen that due to shame, they do not seek advice from others in this matter.






As a result, a good quality application is not written on a specific topic. By doing this, the job application is not liked by the authorities. Rules for writing the application form Application writing rules






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1 Rules for writing the application form

2 Rules for writing applications

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Rules for writing application form

There are different formats for writing applications. Some are writing applications for office needs or to take leave from office, some are writing applications for jobs, and students are writing applications to school-college principals for their institutional needs. Although the type of work varies from application to application, if you can master the rules of writing an application or application properly, writing any type of application will not be a problem.






We have organized today’s article to share various professional applications including job application letter writing rules, assistant teacher job application, school-college leave application, salary waiver application, bank leave application application. I will upload the copy of application writing rules in pdf and document format. For example, you can easily download these files and write your application from any computer.






Rules for writing applications

There are certain rules of application writing which cannot be omitted under any circumstances. No matter which type of application you write, the following rules must be followed while writing the application.





Date of Application (Date on which you apply)

Payee/Bearer (name, designation and address of the person to whom the application is made). Subject of application. Salutations/Mr/Sir/Madam etc. Constructive detailed description of the application. Applicant’s name, address. Also Read: Biodata Writing Rules in Bengali – CV Writing Rules






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Today’s Arabic date is 2022 What is the date of the Arabic month today? National University Notice 2022 What is MS Word? Familiarity with Microsoft Word or MS Word Application Writing Rules – Application Writing Sample Bengali application writing rules differ according to the type of work. For everyone’s convenience, some of the most commonly used application samples are presented below.





1. Job application for the post of assistant teacher

Date-01/01/2021 AD along with the president ……………….. High School Kulaura, Moulvibazar.





Subject: Application for appointment to the post of Assistant Teacher.

With due respect, I have come to know through the notification published in “Dainik Yugantar” newspaper on 01/01/2021 AD that some number of people will be appointed in your institution for the post of Assistant Teacher. As a candidate for the said post, I am submitting my full curriculum vitae and supporting information along with my educational qualifications below.






1. Name:

2. Father’s Name:

3. Mother’s Name:

4. Current Address:

5. Permanent Address:

6. Date of Birth:

7. Nationality:

8. National Identity Card No

9. Marital Status:

10. Religion:

11. Mobile number:

12. Blood group:

13. Educational Qualification:






Name of Exam Group/Subject Board/University Passed Grade

SSC Science Sylhet 2006 GPA-5 HSC Science Sylhet 2008 GPA-5 BSS Political Science National University 2012 First Class MSS Political Science National University 2013 First Class 10. Experience: Therefore, it is my humble request that you kindly nominate me as a candidate for the said post considering the mentioned educational qualification and experience.







(Jewell Ahmed)
Mob: +88 01710-00000








1. 2 copies of attested passport size photograph.
2. Attested copies of all educational qualification certificates.
3. Character certificate.
4. Citizenship Certificate.
5. Attested copy of National Identity Card or Birth Registration Certificate.
6. 1000 Tk bank draft.

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