Save YouTube videos, Download YouTube videos

Read this post completely if you want to download videos from YouTube. You can download youtube videos after reading this post. Many times we have to download YouTube videos for many tasks. In that case, if you know how to download youtube videos, then you can easily download videos when needed. To download YouTube videos, you need to take the help of another software. Today I will tell you about that website. Save YouTube videos, Download YouTube videos





Youtube movies download

You can also download YouTube videos as well as movies from YouTube. No matter how big the movie is, you can download the movie through this special software. By downloading YouTube videos or movies, you can take them to your phone’s gallery. Now let’s know through which software you can download YouTube videos or movies.





Save from net

A save from the net is online software. This is a website. You can download YouTube videos through this save from-net website. You just need to go to YouTube and copy the link to that video. Then paste the link in the specified place of saving from-net. Then you will see your video file will be downloaded.





Youtube mp4 / Youtube to mp3

If you want to download the YouTube video in video format then you have to select Youtube mp4 option from save from-net and download it. Then you can download the YouTube video in video or MP4 format. If you want to download the YouTube video in the audio format then copy the link of the YouTube video and paste the link in save from-net and select MP3 format to download. Then only the audio of the video will be downloaded to your phone. In this way, you can download any YouTube video and directly put it in your file.

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