Simple Loan, Calculate payments, U.S. Bank

Simple Loan is a quick and convenient way for U.S. Bank personal checking customers to borrow up to $1,000 to take care of life’s planned or unplanned expenses. Simple Loan, Calculate payments, U.S. Bank.

Fixed rates and three monthly payments

Borrow up to $1,000 in $100 increments with a fixed rate for every $100 you borrow. Also, repay the loan in three yearly payments.

Quick access to funds

Apply anytime in the app or in online banking, with a real-time decision and funds deposited directly into your U.S. Bank personal checking account.

No unexpected costs

There are no missed payment fees, non-sufficient funds fees, or late payment fees on a Simple Loan.

Easy application process

To get started, simply log in to mobile or online banking and select the Simple Loan application from your checking account menu.

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Example of how to calculate payments

For every $100 borrowed you pay a $6 fee. If you borrow $400, your fee will be $24. You’ll pay back an aggregate of$ 424 in three yearly payments of roughly$141.33 each. Your total cost to adopt ( periodic chance rate) will be35.65.

Explore more loan options.

A Simple Loan is a one-time, high-cost loan. If you need more than $1,000 or are looking for ongoing credit, our other credit options might make more sense for you.

Personal loan

Looking to consolidate debt or fund a major purchase? Current U.S. Bank customers with credit approval can borrow up to $50,000 with our personal loan.

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Credit cards

Get perks for your everyday spending with a U.S. Bank credit card. Find the card that stylishly fits your life and earns cash back, prices, trip benefits, and more.

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A personal line of credit

Tackle financial goals with a little more flexibility. If you are a U.S. Bank client, you can use available credit as demanded and only pay interest on the finances you adopt.

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Reserve line of credit

Help overdrafts on yourU.S. Bank checking account and pay no periodic figure with a reserve line of credit.

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How to apply for a Simple Loan online Our operation process is fast and easy.

Step 1

If you’re at least 18 years old, you can start your application by logging in to and accessing the application link on the checking account page.

You’ll need:

A current U.S. Bank personal checking account that has been open for a minimum of six months with three months of recurring direct deposits

A Social Security number (SSN)

Step 2

Once you submit your application, we’ll gather your credit information. How long does it take to reuse? Generally, we notify you of your loan blessing status in lower than a nanosecond.

Step 3

 If your loan is approved, finances are available within twinkles. You can close your loan online and access the funds from your U.S. Bank checking account.

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