Simple rules for fishing

Today I will discuss some simple methods of fishing. Who doesn’t like fishing? Fishing is a fancy addition. Simple rules for fishing


It’s hard to find people who didn’t enjoy fishing in muddy waters as children. Many people have such an addiction to fishing that they leave their jobs and go fishing. Take me like this. I didn’t want to take the final exam at school after I got addicted to fishing. One day people were fishing in a canal in front of our house, that day I had the final examination of that class.


In the intoxication of fishing, I forgot about the test and was just busy fishing. Suddenly my mother came and started shouting, which is to get up early to test. I told my mother that day, mother, the test can be given next year, the fish can not be found in the same year! Today I will not go to the test to catch fish all day.

When my mother heard this, she came with a stick and started beating me. I went to take the test that day after eating the beating. Although I went to take the test, my mind was on the fishing spot that day.



Simple rules for fishing

There are many methods of fishing in our country. Different fishing techniques can be noticed in different areas.

In today’s article, I will talk about a few simple rules from thousands of fishing rules Insha Allah.

Today I will discuss exactly the same methods as I did when I was a child.

1. Hold the middle with the hand

2. Fishing with a spear

3. Fishing with bass tubes

4. Fishing with triangular nets

5. Fishing with khaki nets

6. Catch the middle with a net

7. Fishing with drought

8. Fishing with fishing nets

9. Fish with dial

10. Fishing with shoes or fruit.

I have used these methods to catch fish. Now I will discuss these in detail.

Fishing with hands

Have you ever caught fish with your hands? You have nothing in hand. There is no fishing equipment. But what do you do when you have a fishing spot in front of you? Whatever you do.

But I will not refrain from fishing. Even if I don’t have any fishing equipment, I will try to fish. Listen to how to do it. Fishing with just hands is a fun thing.

I would dive under the water and shake hands with both hands. I used to run my hands inside the hole along the river bank.

My happiness would increase as soon as the fish fell under my hand. I used to use my fists to close the victim.

Sometimes, even at the bottom of the river, I used to shake hands with both hands. Then the fish would go under the hand.

In this way, I used to hunt many kinds of fish in ponds, ponds, and mudslides.

There are some precautions to be taken when fishing by hand.

A lot of the time something sharp can go under the hand and it can cut the hand.

Many cut fish such as shing, major, kai, and pangas, if you try to catch these fish, you will become restless due to severe pain.

When fishing from the hole with your hands, you have to be careful not to catch the snake instead of the fish.

Simple rules for fishing with a spear:

The simplest and most popular method of fishing in the world is fishing with a spear.

You can catch different types of fish with a spear. You can catch almost all kinds of fish with spears including Rui Katla, Magur, Tangra, and Puti.

Fishing in this method is easy and comfortable from other fishing methods.

Everything you need to catch a fish with a spear
1. It takes a stick. Any rod made of bash or cane.

2. A good black or brass spear would be needed.

3. Fish feed or bait will be required for planting on the spear.

First, take a stick and attach a spear to it with the help of a thread.

Then stick some food for the fish on the head of the spear and throw it in the water. Then you will see the fish coming and stumbling on the spear you have thrown. In this way, the fish will swallow the food stuck in your spear, and then you will catch the fish.

What food is needed for fishing with a spear?

If you want to catch fish with a spear, you will need some bait for the fish, which we call bait in the regional language.

For example. Put fish can be used as bread, flour, or bait.

To catch large bowls of fish, baby bees, take fish, and cockroaches, these foods are used.

Fishing with bash tubes

As a kid, I used to fish with brass tubes. I have been cutting bash tubes and leaving them in cheese.

I am coming with some food inside the tube. After a day or two, he picked up the funnel and took out the fish, take, shing, tilapia.

I have got various mixed fish including out.

Rules for fishing with triangular nets

Fishing with three corner nets is a popular and widely used method of fishing in our area. Which we call push net or domain net.

This type of net is usually used for fishing in small quantities. From time to time, if you catch this net against the current of the river and lift it after a while, you can see much delicious fish.

Rules for fishing with a net

This method of fishing is also very popular all over the country, especially in the northern region. This method takes a lot of bashes to catch fish. Such as a hard long bash, a massed bash, and four rods which we call Kura bash.

In this method, different types of big fish can be caught.

Rules for fishing with fishing nets

Do you think you are scare to hear the name? Yes, this method is used to catch fish by hanging it on a stick. However, the funny thing is that the fish came by itself and took this fish.

This net is left in the water at night where there is a possible way for fishing. In fact, in the morning you will see many fish hanging and hanging. You go and grab it and take it to your container.

Horn fishing rules:

Fishing is such a fun subject. Similarly, if you do not know the correct rules of fishing, then the great danger.

If the fish gives you its cut, you will understand how fun it is to catch fish.

Never catch a fishtail while fishing. Then the cut will boil.

If you always want to catch horn major Tangra ajatiye fish, first press the head of the fish.

Fishing medicine

Many people use different medicines for fishing. In fact, such methods of fishing are harmful to the country and society and a legally punishable crime.

Which is a deadly threat to the country. So get rid of the thought of fishing using the medicine.

Last word

I don’t want to talk about fishing rules today. I am ending today’s article here.

If you don’t understand any method of fishing, you can let us know by commenting.

We will try to explain it to you. I am ending here like today.

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