Snooker players without hands

No two hands. That is why Mohammad Ikram never stopped saying. Leaving behind the hardships inside, he has found all the joys of life on the snooker board. Where a player tries to pocket the red and blue balls with great difficulty, Ikram throws the balls easily with his chin. The 32-year-old from Pakistan has already shown that nothing is impossible in the world. The name of Ikram has spread all over Pakistan due to the sport of snooker in the sea city of Punjab province.


Without two hands

Ikram was born without two hands. Ikram’s parents are trying to bring salt to the family of eight siblings. Could not go to school due to lack. The study did not happen normally. I have never been able to enjoy the joy of childhood due to lack of money.

Ikram used to watch a game of sea snooker regularly as a child. Ikram’s dream of playing snooker awoke in his mind while watching the game. But how is it possible to play snooker without hands? Dare to hide and start practicing on the empty board. Gradually the game also started to improve and at one point he started playing with others. If there is a fee for snooker, Ikram does not have to pay anything. You can also earn some money by playing. Ikram has become a star in the Pakistani snooker arena after such a video of talent spread in the virtual world. In the beginning, however, the guardians did not allow Ikram to play for fear of injury. But permission has been granted again since last year. Now Ikram challenges any player in the city.


Ikram said the task was not easy at all, “It is a difficult task. I had to work hard for it. If there is a player like me, I am ready to play against him. ‘To reach this stage, Ikram had to cross the path of a friend. Gradually improve. Then I started playing with others. ‘

The other players were impressed and praised Ikram when he put the red balls in his pocket with his chin. Cricket is the most popular sport in Pakistan. But snooker also has an important place in that country. The game was introduced by the British in the Indian subcontinent.

In the eyes of Mohammad Nadeem, the owner of Marine Snooker Hall, Ikram is a ‘real player’. The opposite people give him some money to play with them. He does not play cricket and football for the disabled. But when the game is snooker, then he has to be considered as a player. ‘

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