Status over time, Download quotes, poems, rhymes and picks about bad times

When the time is bad, the color comes from the white cloth. In bad times the identity of a true friend is found. That true friend who helps us in times of danger. Time waits for no one. That is why Lalon says it will not happen in time. If you value time, you don’t have to depend on anyone else. It is natural that if time sells to negligence it will be bad for future life. Status over time, Download quotes, poems, rhymes, and picks about bad times



Thus, the importance of time in moving forward in life and taking the right steps at the right time, on the one hand, and the attitude of freeing oneself from bad times, on the other hand, strengthen the foundation for future success.


If you value time, thank you. And if you underestimate the time by floating in the current of negligence, then you must first understand the sayings, poems, and verses of the wise men about time. Then you can share meaningful things with your friends if you want.


We believe that it is possible to sow the seeds of future improvement by applying the status quo poems and rhymes in real life by taking the time to make life perfect. Bill Gates says if you value the time you don’t have to salute anyone else and if you don’t value the time you have to salute everyone.


However, time is of the essence and one of the most valuable resources in the world for friends to arrange a beautiful life. Success is assured if time is used properly. Many are seen living a life of failure, unable to pay the price of time.

Status over time

The first question may be why I would give status to a time when there is so much in the world. The answer to the question is that you have the right to express the desire that the words you are currently reading from this page should be useful to you.



So good and bad are both integral parts of life. So monotony cannot be expected to be a good time. It is normal to have bad times in life. The biggest thing is that we don’t want to take anything negative for granted. But the importance of negative positives is not understood.



You may know that those who have become poets, writers, and great thinkers in the world must have had some kind of failure in their past life. Taking time for granted will surely create a favorable environment for us to thrive.

Delmore Quartz

16. Time is the most precious coin of your life. You and you alone will decide how this money will be spent. Make sure you don’t let other people spend it: Carl Sandburg



17. You can be late, but not late.
– Benjamin Franklin

Quotes about bad times

As you know, Sukanta Bhattacharya was a member of this world for only 21 years. Being able to pay the price in real-time, the schedule behind their success in a short period of time in his life must have been important.



So, isn’t it necessary to spend time trying to move forward without worrying about the time spent in life again? Here are the success stories of those who were able to take the right steps at the right time and the shame stories of failure because they were not included in the right action at the right time.



I am in the sea of ​​time, but there is not a moment of time.

– Rabindranath Tagore

Have you lived as long as your time? – Swift

Life and time is the best teacher in the world, life teaches us to use time well, and time teaches us to value life. – APJ Abul Kalam

– Maria Edgeworth (famous Irish writer)

5. “If you regret now for the time wasted before, now will also be wasted”

– Mason Cole (American philosopher)



6. “Time = life. So, wasting time means wasting part of life.



7. “You will not have enough time for anything. If something is important to you, take the time to skip other things. “

– Charles Buxton (British author)

8. “Don’t waste time looking at the wall. Doors will not grow there alone. If you want to go to the other side, start building the door. “

– Coco Chanel (founder of the world-famous French brand Chanel)


Islamic quote about time

“If you hold fast to the Qur’an, you will never go astray.

– Mishkat

“Every man shall reap the fruits of his labor which he hath wrought.”

– Bukhari

“The best of you are the ones whose conduct is the best.”

– Bukhari

“Even if you donate half a date, you can save yourself from hell. If not here’s a new product just for you!

– Bukhari

“If a Muslim plants trees, or cultivates land – from which animals and birds can eat – then he has given a charity.”

– Muslim

“There is something to all kinds of stains; There is a remembrance of Allah to remove the scars of the mind. “

– Bukhari



Time and results are the opposite of the same currency. The more time you spend, the more results you will get in life. If you want to establish yourself with the importance of this time and understand the value of time, every second minute should go by as an hour. Only then can we say on the ladder of success.

However, you can see some of our statuses if you want to present the real value of time to your friends. Good friends can share the article on Facebook WhatsApp to suggest that they do the same with the value of time.

In conclusion, the Creator created all the people of the world for one purpose or another. It is your responsibility to achieve that purpose from time to time. It is also your responsibility to understand your debt from time to time. So, value time and wait for gratitude from time. Surely proper use of time is the key to improvement.

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