Study Law in Luxembourg 2023

To study law in Luxembourg, you must first enroll in the university’s law school. The law program is very similar to law schools in neighboring countries of Luxembourg. In short, although there is no formal law degree in Luxembourg, law students are required and encouraged to study law. Study Law in Luxembourg 2023


Law Degree in Luxembourg

To obtain a law degree in Luxembourg, students usually go to one of the universities in the country to complete their education. There, students can receive the training they need to prepare for the bar exam.

In the country of Luxembourg, all lawyers must pass the bar exam in order to practice law in that country. After completing the bar, students across Luxembourg have many job opportunities. International students must be eligible for admission to these law programs and can study in their country at the school of their choice.


About Luxembourg

Luxembourg is an ideal choice for students who wish to travel and study abroad. Located midway between Germany, France, and Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a small but very beautiful Western European country. Although it is a small country, it is well known for its culture, history, and friendly modern way of life. The last remaining Grand Duchy in the world is headed by the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, who is responsible for all matters affecting the country’s population. It has a developed economy and the highest GDP per capita in the world.


What is Luxembourg’s legal system?

Luxembourg has a constitutional monarchy in its legal system. The country has a parliamentary democracy. It has three governments, including the legislative branch of parliament, the executive headed by the head of state, the Grand Duke, the judiciary, the constitution, and the judicial system of courts and tribunals. The system has attorneys who help people provide support throughout the legal process.



For students who wish to work in this position or in public administration, we recommend law schools in Luxembourg. The country accepts foreign students, but admission to these programs can be problematic. Study Law in Luxembourg 2023

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