Bangladesh T20 World Cup match,when, where

There has been a lot of speculation about this. At first the possibility of changing the organizer arose. But the 2020 World Cup has gone to 2022 because India wants to host the World Cup on their own soil. The 2021 World Cup is being held on time. But India’s other wishes were not fulfilled. This year’s T20 World Cup has to be hosted in the United Arab Emirates and Oman because of Corona, not at home.

Whatever the venue, everyone is happy to host the World Cup according to the original schedule. If all goes well, the 2021 T20 World Cup will start on October 17.

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when, where

Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have to play the first round of the World Cup as they could not be in the top eight. Bangladesh’s game on the first day. Bangladesh will face Scotland in Group B. Bangladesh will play its second match against Oman on October 19. The last match of the first round is on October 21, against Papua New Guinea.

Bangladesh is the clear favorite in these matches held in Oman. The Sri Lankan group has well-known faces like Ireland and the Netherlands, as well as Namibia, who have tasted ODIs.

Bangladesh T20 World Cup

Compared to him, the three opponents of Bangladesh are quite weak. This is the first time Papua New Guinea has come to play in the T20 World Cup. Bangladesh was seen in the last World Cup against Oman. The only century in this edition was scored by Bangladesh in that match. However, the name Scotland is a name of dissatisfaction for Bangladesh. The two teams have met only once in T20. Bangladesh lost that match in The Hague.

However, if Bangladesh is one of the best two teams from this group, it will play in Super Twelve in group number two. According to the ICC, if Super Twelve is confirmed, Bangladesh will play in Group 2 as B1 and Sri Lanka will play in Group 1 as A1. As a result, Bangladesh will face India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, New Zealand and the second group in Group A in the second round.

In that case, Bangladesh’s Super Twelve episode will start on October 25, against Afghanistan. If they do not reach the semi-finals, it will end against Pakistan on November 7. It will start in Sharjah and end in Sharjah.

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