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Everyone likes bakery biscuits soaked in a cup of tea. We also often use different types of bakery items in our hospitality. There is no substitute for a packet of biscuits at the breakfast table or in the afternoon chat, as well as various birthdays, and fun events without bakery items. The list of these products now includes fast food, sweets, and many more fun foods and the demand for these is increasing day by day. Since it is a low-cost production, and easy to start, the bakery business is now popular with many. To start this business you need to have food knowledge first. Because failure to produce safe food can lead to any kind of punishment according to the law of Bangladesh. Take bakery training very easily

Bakery business facilities

A variety of biscuits are readily available from the bakery, so anyone can easily buy and eat them. And because the price of such products is within the reach of the buyer, a lot is sold. You don’t even need a lot of capital to start a business. Initially, it can be started with lakhs of rupees and if it is Rs. 4/5 lakhs then all these products can be easily produced by opening a bakery. The advantage of this is that the product can be produced according to the demand of the buyers and the product is sold every day. However, in order to start this business, you need to have a good idea about food and food quality, quality food, nutritional value, BSTI, and the prevailing food law in Bangladesh. Let’s find out the details.



Foods that are taken or drunk by the human body to meet the demand for motor energy are called food. This energy of the body is found in rice, fish, meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, fruits, oil, and sugar. In essence, foods increase body composition, growth, and energy production. Immunity and keeping the body healthy are called foods.


Quality Food

Quality food is a food product that is made and stored according to the consumer’s demand or specific design. As a result of using the right technology using appropriate raw materials according to the product specification or quality. The use of extra preservatives, and substandard raw materials. Non-food grade dyes in food are prohibited. This degrades the quality and purity of the product so that the product is not up to standard. Food obtained from sick animals and food containing toxic substances cannot be said to be standard.


The type of food that is mature and refined after procurement then spreads to different cells. Helps the body to grow, compensate, produce energy and increase immunity. It is a biological energy process inside the body and interacts with food. It is possible to meet the demand for nutritious food at a low cost if you know how to prepare and consume food.

Adulterated in food

Adulterated food means mixing any food (as food or drink) with pure food so that similar food or drink is harmful to health. Harmful substances are call food adulterants. Food quality is lost due to adulteration and consumers are deprive of proper quality food from general vendors.

If a food is made in an unhealthy environment or packaged, it can become contaminated and harmful to health. Partially or completely rotten, stale, foul-smelling, insect-contaminated food is unhealthy. There are penalties for adulterating food and for producing or supplying substandard food.

Safe food

If our physical health is intact after taking food. Products during hunger, stomach or physical illness do not occur, then those foods are call safe food. In a healthy environment, it is possible to create germ-free and safe food by completely eliminating harmful substances. If a food is packaged in an unhealthy environment, it can become contaminant and harmful to health. Partially or completely rotten, foul-smelling, insect-contaminated food is unhealthy.



Creating Quality and Safe Food Today, there is an urgent need for food awareness in the world. To be successful in business, all producers need to be vocal in producing quality and safe food. Otherwise, the consumer can be punished severely by refraining from accepting the product of the producer.



Food law in Bangladesh

There are penalties for adulteration of food, production or supply of substandard products, and weight fraud.

Bangladesh Pure Food Rules-197
Special Powers Act, 1974, (as amended in 1986)
Food Grain Supply Ordinance-1956
Radioactivity Control Act-197
Iodine Deficiency Act 1979
Essential Commodities Act-1990
Fisheries and Fisheries Act-1997
Bangladesh Pure Food Ordinance-1959 and (Amendment) Act 2005
Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institutions Ordinance 1975 and (Amendment) Act, 2003
Dhaka City Corporation Ordinance, 1994
The Standards of Weights and Measures Act, 1972 and (Amendment) Act, 2001
Product Packaging Rules-2006
Mobile Court Act – 2009



Bakery training

There are two types of training

  • Business-related training
  • Bakery product training

Bakery Training Center Dhaka

Here is a list of all the training centers that provide bakery training in Dhaka. These organizations provide training for different periods of time and regularly advertise on their websites and Facebook pages. So if you are interest you can get update information by liking their Facebook page-

Lesaffre is one of the training centers in Dhaka that offers bakery training. With training from this organization, you will be able to produce bakery products.


SME Foundation

  • Bangladesh Hotel Management and Tourism Training Institute
  • Bakery and Pastry – PFDA – Vocational Training Center
  • Up-Bangladesh offers 6 months of bakery training
  • Craft Industry Women’s Development Organization


Necessary accessories

To start a business with a rented shop first. Initially, it can start with 3/4 employees and small 2/1 machines. 2/3 vans can be kept for delivery. Capital can be increase if business conditions are good.

You can make all kinds of bakery products including biscuits, cakes, and different types of bread in one of your factories. To make the cake you need mold, a special kind of paper, knife. To make the bread you have to buy one or two-pound molds and brushes. This equipment is available in different parts of the country including Bangshal and Narayanganj the capital. Some equipment is import from India and China. In addition, you will need packaged machines, flour, flour, sugar, oil, and other necessary products.


Bakery machine prices

The price of the machine varies depending on the organization and the demand. Especially the price of automatic machine is a little higher. These machines are usually import from China and India. Several companies in Bangladesh sell these machines. The price of these machines is usually between two lakh to five lakh rupees. But before buying a machine, you need to have a good idea about the product, especially the bakery product. It is not a good idea to start a business without having good business knowledge, especially marketing or marketing ideas. The best way to start a business is to train in a factory without just theoretical training.



How to start a bakery business?

At present bakery business is more profitable and anyone can start it. But before starting a business, you need to research the market. More than luck to succeed in affiliate business. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. Need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You need a factory and a showroom to start a business. Can start on a small scale. If your business grows slowly you can set up a factory in a big place and if you want to start a factory you have to set up machines. If you search the website or the internet for the type of machine you want to buy, you will have to raise capital or take a bank loan.

Once the bakery machine is purch, you need to hire some skill workers to make the bakery items as per your requirement. Make sure that they have worked in a bakery item factory before.

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