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By looking at the title of today’s post, you can understand that today we will discuss the change of our blog. But don’t dismiss this as just our blog’s transformation story. Because in addition to our blog conversion story, we will discuss what to do after changing a blog’s name, address, and domain and how to introduce the converted blog to search engines and bring traffic back. That’s why I say again, don’t try to avoid thinking that this is our private matter. Just as we changed the blog name and address today for our needs, some other day you may need to change your blog address for your needs. Technology dot com is now Blogger Bangladesh


 is now Blogger Bangladesh (Name & Domain Change)

You all know our blog as technology. dot. We have been promoting our blog as for almost four years now. At the end of last year, we decided to change the name-address and design of the blog but due to busy work and lack of time, the change has been delayed. Because changing the domain of a blog leads to many problems. Due to lack of time, this change has to be made in March 2019 as it takes a lot of time to solve that problem.






In fact, the main reason for changing the name and address of the blog is its domain. The domain name we took was misspelled. Moreover, since the word is Bengali, most of the readers of our blog were in a dilemma in remembering the domain name of the blog or had trouble visiting our blog again later because they could not match the correct spelling. In this regard, many readers used to call me on the phone asking for the address of the blog and suggesting to correct the spelling of the name. This issue has been bothering me for a long time but I could not come to any decision about changing the address of the old blog.






I had to make a lot of sacrifices to change the domain and design of the blog. Especially in the last four years, all the backlinks that my blog had built up have disappeared. I am giving full details of the problem/damage and what I had to do to change the name, address, and design of the blog in topic form.






01. Domain Change:

First of all, I had to spend about 1000 thousand rupees for a domain name change. Because my blog’s previous domain was only paid for four months annually. After buying the new domain, the old domain has to be removed from the blogger dashboard. Also, the old Blogspot subdomain has to be changed so that there is no problem in setting up the new domain. The reason for the subdomain change is that the DNS of the old subdomain is set to the previous domain, so the old subdomain also has to be changed because of the problem of registering the DNS of the new domain. Changed old sub: Taking new subdomain, there was no problem in the DNS record of the new domain.







As a result of changing the domain of the blog, the links of all the posts of the blog are automatically changed, but the internal link of the post is not changed. You must know that the internal link of the blog has to be set and changed by the admin himself. As a result, I had to spend a lot of time and effort to change the internal link of about 250 posts on my blog.






03. Changing Blog Themes:

As people’s habits and tastes change in the world, we change the previously used blogger theme and upload new themes accordingly. The current theme we use is not our own development. Many of you may be familiar with this theme. This theme is called Magone, one of the most famous and popular blogger themes. It is AMP optimized with proper SEO. Just search online and you will get the free version of this theme. But we are not using the free version. I bought the theme online for $23. Our current theme is fully integrated. Because of activation, we can use all the features of these themes. However, themes have nothing to do with changing the blog name and address.






04. Study about Blogger Themes:

Magone is one of the best premium blogger themes. A blog has a full set of features to use. It can be use in any style. You can use it for both the magazine and personal blogs if you want. But since the features of this blog are very complex, it takes a lot of time to get an idea about the setup. I had to spend about two days getting a full understanding of this theme. If you don’t have a rough idea about blog development then it can take a lot of time to get a full understanding of it. You cannot set it properly in your blog until you have a complete idea about the blog.







05. Preservation of the old design of the post:

Blog post templates have many features that are difficult to change. Because finding and changing the IDs and classes given in the post is very complex and time-consuming. That’s why after setting new themes in the blog. The CSS codes used for the style of the blog posts should be set in the new theme’s theme. If you don’t do this, many of the features used in PostgreSQL won’t work.







06. Implications for SEO:

Since all the links to your old blog posts will be change, search engines will not be able to reach the new blog through the old links. In this case, you have to delete your old blog from Google Search Console and submit the new blog to Google Search Console. Also, if the blog is submit to any other search engine, the blog must also be submit there. Technology dot com is now Blogger Bangladesh






07. Remove old posts from search engines:

Once the old blog is delete from Google Search Console, the new blog will not submit to Google Search Console. Because removing the old blog from Google Search Console does not delete all posts from Google Search Engine. After removing the old blog from Google Search Console, the search engine continues to show the posts for about a month. In this case, if you quickly submit the new blog to Google Search Console, you can face the copyright yourself.







For that, you have to wait up to one month before submitting the blog to the Google search engine. But if you want, you can remove all the old posts of your blog from the Google search engine within 24 hours through Google Url Removal Tool and submit the new blog to the Google search engine. To do this, all the posts of your old blog must be submit to Google Url Removal Tool. Submitting will cause the Google bot to verify all posts. In this case, if you cannot reach the desire post by throwing the old links, the Google bot will delete the posts from the search engine within 24 hours. You have to work hard and spend a lot of time doing this.







After everything is done successfully Google will delete all the posts of your old blog from the search engine. Then submit your new blog to Google Search Console. Then Google would again crawl your blog through the Google bot and index it in their database: arranged according to the algorithm and shown on the search result page. Technology dot com is now Blogger Bangladesh








I’ve talked a lot about our blog changes. I hope you’ve learned at least a little bit from our blog’s story of change. By reading this post carefully you will be able to regain lost traffic to your blog by changing a blog address and submitting it to search engines. If you disagree or complain about any of our posts, you can let us know by commenting. We will take your feedback seriously and try to evaluate it. Technology dot com is now Blogger Bangladesh

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