The 5 Best Universities in Canada

Are you considering going to college in our friendly neighborhood to the north? You’ll want to know what the best Canadian universities are, no matter if you’re an American or an international student. Introducing our picks for the 12 best universities in Canada. We will explain the biggest benefits of attending a Canadian school. Before applying to a university in Canada. We should consider the six factors listed below that differentiate these top schools from the top schools in the US. The 5 Best Universities in Canada






College in Canada: 5 Potential Benefits for US Students

If you’re from a country other than Canada, you might wonder exactly what makes Canadian institutions so appealing. There are good universities in every country, right?

A Canadian university might be a better choice than an American one for you if you’re a US student or another international student.





#1: You Could Save Money

Even if you’re not American, you’ve probably heard about how expensive American college tuition is.

According to US News, the average tuition fee for the 2021-22 academic year at US private universities was $38,185. For a state public university, the cost was much lower at $10,388.

In Canada, tuition fees vary greatly by province or territory. Statistics Canada reports that the average tuition fee for international students in Canada for the 2021-22 academic year is CA$33,623 (~US$26,644). That average is well below the average annual tuition fees for private colleges in the United States, in fact over $10,000 less.

(Please note that most Canadian universities charge higher tuition fees for international students. According to Statistics Canada, Canadian students spend approximately CA$ 6,693 (~US$5,304) in tuition. You can expect fees.) National and public universities.






#2: You Get to Live in a Different Country

If you’ve always wanted to go abroad or are really excited about the opportunity to live in another country, attending one of Canada’s top universities is a great choice for you. may look similar, but the two countries are separate countries!), make friends with fellow students from different fields and backgrounds, and still receive a world-class education.

Known for its diverse communities and generally welcoming attitude, Canada often ranks at the top of the quality of life lists when compared to other countries. If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of America, Canada might be an exciting place (although it’s pretty cold!).

The country is also becoming more and more popular among international students. From 2016 to 2017, the University of Toronto saw a 20% increase in applications from non-Canadian students, while McMaster University saw an even more impressive 33% increase.






#3: Admission Is Less Competitive⁠—and Simpler

Unlike US universities, which boast low admission rates, Canadian universities typically do not report their admission rates because they don’t really show anything. What I’m trying to say is that the selectivity of Canadian schools, if it’s important, isn’t really revealing much.

Most Canadian universities have much higher acceptance rates than institutions in the United States, so knowing a school’s acceptance rate doesn’t give you important information about it. Universities in the United States typically have more students than US universities. With top schools often over 30,000 and Canada’s largest institution, the University of Toronto, often over 72,000. With such a high enrollment, it makes sense that the acceptance rate of Canadian universities is not particularly low.






#4: There’s Less Emphasis on Dorm Living and Greek Life

While US universities often emphasize living with other students in dormitories and joining sororities and fraternities, Canadian universities place less emphasis on these aspects. not placed.

Most colleges and universities in Canada require a student to leave campus at the end of her freshman year and find her own apartment or house. This situation is different from that of many US schools. Many schools in the US usually require or strongly encourage students to remain on campus beyond their year.

In this sense, Canada values ​​independent living more than the United States.

Similarly, Greek life is not as widespread in Canada as it is in the United States. There are sororities and fraternities in Canada, but not as many as in the US, and usually not as big.

So what’s this takeaway? If you prefer to be more independent in terms of where you live and don’t really like life in Greece, a Canadian university might be right for you.







#5: Canada Might Have Your Dream Program

It may sound cheesy, but it’s true. Your dream program may only be offered at Canadian institutions. If so what are you waiting for? application!





Best Universities in Canada: Ranking Methodology

To create the Canadian university rankings, we examined the following factors and assigned a point value to each school based on how well it met the criteria (i.e., the more a school met certain criteria, the more earn more points).

US News Rankings: The higher your school ranks on Canada’s Best Global Universities 2021 list, the more points you earn Earn more points in Canada

Times Higher Education Ranking: According to the 2022 list, a university that ranks higher earns more points in this category

Center for World University Rankings: For the 2021-2022 CWUR list of the world’s best universities, school rankings were based on domestic rankings (i.e., within Canada). The 5 Best Universities in Canada







Student Satisfaction:

The schools whose student satisfaction rates were higher than average (based on the 2019 National Survey of Student Engagement) received the highest numbers of points, while those whose rates were below average received the lowest.

The graduation rate of a school is used to calculate points. Schools with higher graduation rates (usually over 80%) received more points than those with lower graduation rates.

In addition, we’ve made sure to include the number of international students at each school since many of you are likely US-based students reading this article. The 5 Best Universities in Canada

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