SIM re-registration rules for all mobiles

SIM re-registration rules for all mobiles

The Department of Posts and Telecommunications of Bangladesh has issued instructions to re-register all registered and unregistered mobile phone SIMs in the country. You can easily start the SIM registration process of your mobile phone at home through mobile SMS. SIM re-registration rules for all mobiles         mobile sim re-registration How Airtel, … Read more

Try the ‘Android L’ developer preview now

Try the 'Android L' developer preview now

The developer preview of Google’s new Android L version is already open for download. Google has not yet announced the codename or version number of the OS. However, the web giant has released this beta version of Android L for compatibility testing and bug testing of developers. If you’re an Android developer, you’ll want to … Read more

5 Popular Freelancing Marketplaces

5 Popular Freelancing Marketplaces

Being an open and independent profession, freelancing is now popular everywhere. The number of freelancers worldwide is constantly increasing. Freelancing marketplaces are a boon for middle-income countries, Bangladesh being a shining example. 5 Popular Freelancing Marketplaces         Although the number of educated people in the country is constantly increasing, employment is not … Read more

Baby care strategies

Not knowing how to care for your baby is dangerous—you must know how to care for your baby. If you have time to read this post then read it very deeply and you will decide what you want to do about your baby’s future. If you don’t have time then you don’t need to do … Read more

BRTA Driving License Checking Software

BRTA Driving License Checking

You can print your BRTA driver’s license online to verify that your license information is correct. You can use driver’s license verification software to check if your driver’s license is printed or otherwise valid. See below for details. BRTA Driving License Checking Software           The driver’s license checking software developed by … Read more

Online train ticket booking

Online train ticket booking

Online Train Ticket Booking – Train journey is preferred by most people in the present time context. So, in this case, we could not collect our train tickets wasting a lot of time. In that case, tickets are often not available at the ticket counter, and it is not possible to buy tickets due to … Read more

Rules for registering old births online

registering old births online

Don’t have a handwritten or printed birth registration online? Read the entire blog carefully to find out what to do if your birth registration is not online, and how to turn your handwritten birth registration rules into online or digital birth registration rules. please give me. Rules for registering old births online       … Read more

Rocket Account Opening Rules

Rocket Account Opening Rules

Friends, today I will share with you how to open a rocket account at home very easily. Rocket is a popular mobile banking company in Bangladesh. Through Rocket Mobile Banking you can transact safely within and outside the country. Trading in Rocket is very easy. So let’s know how to open a rocket account. Rocket … Read more

Garena Free Fire New Update

Garena Free Fire

Drive vehicles to explore the huge map, hide in the forest, or hide under grass or crevices. In Ambush, survival is the only goal. Survive and respond to the call of duty. Garena Free Fire New Update           Fight in Garena Free Fire style! (Survival in its shooter original form) Find … Read more

Qatar Visa Check Rules

Dubai visa with passport number

Today’s post is about Qatar visa checks or the rules to check Qatar visas online. Currently, visas from almost all countries can be checked at home using the internet. Checking the visa before traveling abroad can save you a lot of trouble later. Qatar Visa Check Rules           So a person … Read more

How to Add Custom Web Font to Blogger Blog?

Web Font to Blogger Blog

Currently, there are more than 150 million blogs in the internet market. Everyone wants to increase their blog popularity by adding beautiful and clean web fonts to their blog and attracting the attention of readers with blog articles. There are many websites and blogs whose content is very bright and clear. Some websites have content … Read more

How to lock computer folders?

lock computer folders

In today’s post, we will learn how to lock a computer folder means how to give the password to a computer folder. If you are using a Windows laptop or computer, then after reading this post today, you can easily lock any folder on your computer with a password. How to lock computer folders?   … Read more

Secret code for all types of Android phones

Android phones

Powered smartphones like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG, and others sets are more popular. These Android-powered sets have many secret codes. You may not know them. Our today’s event is about the secret codes of Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG, and other sets. Secret codes usually consist of numbers and symbols. The hidden menu can … Read more

Reasons for a phone not charging fast

Android phones

The smartphone is a collection of interesting features. As well as the world of alluring apps. But the biggest complaint about smartphones is that the charge runs out quickly. However, due to various types of apps and internet usage, the smartphone charge ends quickly. Reasons for a phone not charging fast         … Read more