Tips to increase likes on Facebook

If you do not keep up to date with the times, you will not be able to grow your business. We will discuss tips or ways to increase likes on Facebook. We all know that the best way to market is to follow a digital marketing strategy. If you follow previous marketing or traditional marketing, then you are sure that all the time you are giving to this traditional marketing will be wasted. Because by following traditional marketing you have very little hope of growing your business and succeeding in business. So we will discuss some effective ways to increase the likes on Facebook. Tips to increase likes on Facebook.


So for this first, I say that we have to keep ourselves updated with the times. Digital Marketing Social media marketing is a current trend in all sectors or stages. Facebook is one of these popular social media sites and most people in different countries use it on Facebook some of them have started their own businesses on this platform. Facebook Business Page is one of the most important ways to do business on Facebook. And it can be said to be an important tool in moving a business forward.


But after creating a Facebook business page, the problem that comes before us is to increase the engagement of the page. Here, engagement means things like likes or followers, comments, and shares on the page. Many questions come to our minds how is it really possible to overcome all these complex issues?


So today we will discuss here the tips to increase the likes of our Facebook business page on Facebook and also discuss some important issues.

How many ways to increase page engagement?

In my opinion, there are basically two ways to increase marketing or engagement. The first is to advertise and the second is to market yourself.

  • Advertising means you run or boost ads on your Facebook page or any post on the page. Through which you can easily bring a lot of engagement. But to do this you must spend money and spend that money to run Ads, you have to pay that money to Facebook.
  • There is no need to pay any money on Facebook in this process. This process requires a little effort and patience. In order to market on Facebook, one must have proper knowledge about the Facebook marketing funnel.

So most people can’t do it and some people quit doing business on these platforms. This process takes a lot of time and patience so most people stop.

What to do before promoting the page?

In order to promote the page, be it Ads Run or we have to work on some important issues before marketing ourselves. There are many of us who forget most of the things about arranging the page beautifully. There are many of us who do not take these issues very seriously. This makes the complex issues ahead of a little harder. So we must remember to give the page a professional look before promoting the page. If you can’t do these things yourself, watch a video on YouTube or get help from a good digital marketer. Give your page a good look in any way you can.

Here are some key points:

1. In the About or Description section of the page, write nicely about the page.

2. Set up the categories of the page in a beautiful way.

3. Give the correct contact information of the page.

4. Give the location of the service in the correct way.

5. Areas of service will be set up in a beautiful way.

6. Use the Call to action button.

Etc. You will set up the subject very well before promoting the page. We are discussing tips or ways to increase likes on Facebook.

What are the things to keep in mind before running ads?

You need to know about your Goal before running Ads. What do you want to run Ads for –

Because if you do not set your goal well, you will not have any profit at the end of the day. So Goal must be kept right.

Here are some common ones:

1. We need to create an attractive and beautiful image while running ads.

2. The created image should not contain more than 20% text.

3. It is better not to write more than 90 characters in the description. But if you write, but the important things first.

4. Write the description in an attractive way. So that no visitor has to click on the read more option.

5. Select your target customers and areas.

6. Start running Ads with a low budget early on.

These were common issues but there are many other things you need to keep in mind.

Increase engagement by marketing yourself

It is easy to hear the word but it is very difficult to do. But if you work patiently, nothing is difficult. So you have to work hard. Below are some ideas that will serve as tips or ways to increase likes on Facebook –

Provide information about your service regularly on the page

You can call it a post. The service must be updated regularly. There will be no more likes at first, but it will continue. By doing this, the impression of the Facebook business page will increase rapidly. As a result, many people are more likely to reach it. So this is an important issue. So it has to be done constantly.

Must be post quality

When you are posting something, you must be quality. Because when we see a quality post in a group, that post gets a lot of shares, comments, etc. So try to create this kind of post content. And try to use hashtags in these posts. Because Facebook’s search engine can’t work like Google or other search engines. However, any post can be found on Facebook through the hashtag. So do this.

Come alive from the page

Your page will be more credible to people when you come to live. Every time you live, your life will automatically reach different people. As a result, you can increase engagement from here. For this, you can make a routine to come live.

By inviting or taking

Many of us know or see that there are many different types of groups who, in order to grow their community, invite the members of that group to invite them and as a result give them some gifts or help those members. You have to do something like this. This means that if your page sells a product or something, all you can do is give a discount to those who will buy your product, only on the condition that they will buy any one of your products and invite all their friends to their friend list. You will get a discount for them. This way you can increase engagement (like, share, comment).

Increase communication with the audience of the page

If your page is related to a product or service of any kind, then just posting about the product or service on the page is not necessary or will not work. You can bring your audience to the forefront and get their feedback live. Again, sometimes you can answer their questions. This way you can increase the likes of your page.

Lastly, if your page is a product national page then you will give more priority to your customers. You will see that the engagement of the page will increase automatically. And if your page is new then there is no substitute for ads to increase business or engagement quickly. If you have any other ideas, please don’t forget to let us know in the comments.

So here is our discussion on today’s Facebook Like Tips. Thanks! Stay well.

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