To get the registration of the cooperative society!

The District Cooperative Officer provides the registration of a primary co-operative society consisting of 20 members of the co-operative society. Which is not covered by the government program. To get the registration of the cooperative society! The following steps need to be taken to get such a cooperative society register: 



The application of at least 20 adults and the relevant documents as per the Cooperative Societies Registration Policy. 2013 has to be submitted to the Upazila/Metropolitan Thana Cooperative Office.


Cooperative society

The records submitted by the Upazila Cooperative Officer are verified by the Assistant Inspector himself or on the spot. After verification, the Upazila / Metropolitan Thana Cooperative Officer sends the verification report and the record letter submitted by the applicant along with the District Cooperative Officer.



If the District Cooperative Officer has no objection to the registration, he issues the registration and sends all the records related to the registration to the concerned Cooperative Office and the applicant.


Cooperative society

If there is any objection to the registration, the inspector of his office will conduct an on-the-spot investigation and in the light of the investigation report. He will send the registration to the applicant through the concerned Upazila / Metropolitan Thana Cooperative Officer.


Required Documents:

1. Application Form in prescribed form mentioned in Cooperative Societies Rules 2.345.00 (Three Hundred and Forty Five) Taka (300.00 Registration Fee and 15% VAT 45.00)

2. Original Copy of Treasury Invoice

3. Three Width Bye-Laws signed by members

4. Minutes of organizational meeting.

5. Income-expenditure account 6. Estimated budget for two years

6. National identity card / citizenship certificate

7. Pledge

8. according to the law. Tenancy agreement

9.. List of names of members of the proposed management committee with pictures

Conditions described in the following Acts / Rules / Policies: Cooperative Societies Act, 2001 (Amended, 2002 and Amended, 2013). Cooperative Societies Rules, 2004 Value Added Tax Rules, 1991 Cooperative Societies Registration Policy, 2013



Relevant laws and regulations:

1. Cooperative Societies Act, 2001 (amended, 2002 and amended, 2013)

2. Cooperative Rules, 2004

3. Value Added Tax Rules, 1991

4. Cooperative Societies Registration Policy, 2013 Remedial Officer in case of failure to provide services: Joint-Registrar, Divisional Cooperative Office.

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