Today’s Arabic date is 2022 What is the date of the Arabic month today?

As we know, the date of the Arabic month depends on the sighting of the moon. If you want to know the exact date of today’s Arabic month (Arbi Maser Koto Tarik Aj) or today’s Arabic date 2022 then this post is for you. See details about today’s lunar month date 2022 or Arabic date. Today’s Arabic date is 2022 What is the date of the Arabic month today?






Hijri date or moon date of Arabic month is a must for every Muslim all over the world. Because, this Arabic date is closely related to the worship of Muslims. Even if you are calendar dependent, Arabic dates will still be averaged. We will inform you through this post what is the date of the correct Arabic month today. Also know more about Arabic date calendar for whole year.






Today’s Arabic date is 2022

11 Rabiul Sani 1444 Hijri, 06 November 2022 English, Sunday. 01 must be calculated more in case of Arabic dates in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia.






What is today’s Arabic date?

What is today’s Arabic date? Arabic / Hijri Calendar 2022 Today’s Date (List of Months) Muharram (Muharram)






Robiul Awal
Rabius Sani
Jamadiul Awal
Jmadius Sani
Ramadan (Ramjan)






How much is the date 2022 in Arabic?

Must keep an eye on ProBangla web portal to see today Arabic date 2022 live. ProBangla updates Hijri date daily. So it is advised to visit the ProBangla website regularly. We have updated the above date to match Saudi Arabia date. Remember, if today is written on the 2nd of the Arabic month, you will understand that today is the 1st of the Arabic month in Bangladesh.






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