Travel Insurance for Argentina 2023

Yes, all visitors to Argentina are require to have minimal travel medical insurance covering hospitalization, quarantine, and transportation to treat COVID-19. From 1 November 2021, this requirement will apply to both vaccinated and non-vaccinated travelers. Travel Insurance for Argentina 2023







The COVID-19 situation remains uncertain and traveler requirements may change. Always check up-to-date directions to your destination before embarking on your journey.


Argentina’s compulsory health insurance can help travelers in situations related to COVID-19, but there are many other aspects of international travel that come with a degree of unpredictability. To protect travelers from the unexpecte, it is highly recommended to purchase more robust travel insurance for international travel to this scenic South American country.


Argentina Travel insurance may include various coverages including, but not limited to, assistance for transportation delays, cancellations, medical emergencies, and other travel-related disruptions. These benefits can be relied upon in less-than-desirable situations and can be a great resource to ease the financial burden on travelers when things go wrong.





What does Argentina Travel Health Insurance cover? covered by insurance.

Comprehensive plans may offer additional coverage for travel-related issues such as lost luggage, weather disruptions and delays in transport services. A comprehensive travel insurance plan for Argentina offers maximum benefits to international travelers and provides protection in a variety of unforeseen circumstances.

Here are some common travel health insurance coverages to consider in Argentina.
Pre-existing medical conditions: Travelers with pre-existing medical conditions must submit a medical condition waiver to ensure the associated costs are covered (this benefit is time-limited and restricted).
Accidental Death: Select the beneficiaries to be compensated for this event.
High-Risk Sports and Activities Coverage: Covers injuries resulting from participation in activities considered high-risk (see individual policies for details; exclusions may apply) ).
Before purchasing travel medical insurance for Argentina, we recommend checking with your healthcare provider in the country. Some domestic health insurance companies can help with medical costs incurred abroad, while others do not extend coverage to other countries. Understanding these limits can help you avoid unnecessary insurance payments while choosing the right insurance for your next trip to Argentina.

Please check your insurance policy carefully for COVID-19 as some insurance companies have exclusions in case you catch the virus while traveling.






Does travel insurance in Argentina cover COVID-19? Travel insurance is compulsory.

Before purchasing coverage, it is important to carefully review the details of your Argentina travel health insurance policy to ensure that the mandatory benefits are included in your policy.

A comprehensive travel insurance plan may also include the following benefits:

Emergency medical care: medical examination and/or hospitalization in Argentina.
Trip Interruption: For travelers who are too ill to continue their trip and need to return home.
Emergency Medical Transfer: To transfer a traveler to the nearest suitable hospital or return him/her to his home country after an illness or injury.
Cancellation for Any Reason (CFAR): This benefit helps travelers who need to cancel their trip due to coronavirus or other reasons not covered by most travel insurance plans.
Some travel insurance plans have limited COVID-19 benefits, but as the pandemic progressed, many plans expanded or updated existing coverage to include more COVID-19-related benefits. I have a company.






What is the best travel insurance for traveling to Argentina?

There is no universal travel insurance in Argentina as every trip is different for each traveler. As long as her COVID-19 requirements in Argentina are met in the policy, any other coverage should aim to cover most or all of the special international travel concerns.

A comprehensive travel insurance plan may offer the most benefits, including coverage for emergency medical care, travel delays, lost or damaged luggage, or other disruptions while traveling.

Compare different insurance companies and coverage options to find the best travel insurance for your next trip to Argentina. To find out which plan best suits your requirements, enter your trip details into Insure MyTrip’s free quote form to find the plan that’s right for you.





Argentina Travel Tips and Safety

Currency and Currency Exchange

Visitors to Argentina may come across Argentina’s official currency, the Argentine Peso (ARG$). Argentine pesos are manufactured as both coins and banknotes. If you’re planning on exchanging your money into the local currency of Argentina, check out the current world exchange rates to get an idea of ​​what to expect and how to find a good deal. Banks and hotel vending machines offer different exchange rates than public exchange offices.

It is advisable to bring a small amount of cash in Argentine Pesos when taking a taxi, tipping a guide, or paying at smaller shops that do not accept credit cards. That said, most businesses in the city accept major cards such as Visa and MasterCard. If possible, bring a credit card with a chip for security reasons. You may be asked

if you would like to pay in your local currency or in Argentine Pesos, but in most cases it is preferable to pay in Argentine Pesos.






Visitors will have no shortage of things to see in beautiful Argentina. Luckily, Argentina has many options for domestic travel by air, land, and sea. Major destinations are connecte by numerous airports if you want to travel quickly. For frequent flyers to Argentina, the Aerolineas Argentinas Visit Argentina Pass offers discounts on domestic flights combined with Aerolineas Argentinas international flights. Or, drive in a modern, comfortable bus and experience every aspect of Argentina, from snow-capped mountains to the South Atlantic Ocean. Hot meals, movies, and comfortable reclining seats aboard these coaches. Please bring a sweater or blanket on board as some coaches have the air conditioning on






Risk and Crime

One of the most common questions travelers ask about Argentina is ‘How safe is it to travel in Argentina?’. Although no country is completely risk-free, Argentina is considered one of the safest places in South America for travelers. However, inflation in recent years has led to an increase in petty theft and counterfeit bill fraud in Argentina. If you take regular precautions while traveling in Argentina, do things like hide your valuables, dress modestly, and stay in well-lit or crowded areas.

Argentina’s diverse landscape has experienced a history of natural disasters. Most notably, seasonal floods and volcanic eruptions near the border with Chile. Check the weather forecast before traveling, especially if you are traveling to areas with a risk of flooding or heavy rain or near mountains. Additionally, volcanic activity can be difficult to predict, so know what to expect when traveling near a volcano.

If you have any questions, you can always find the latest information on safety in Argentina on our Travel Advice page.

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