Video and image optimization

I hope you understand how important it is to load the site quickly. There are many things to keep in mind about loading speed. One of them is video and image optimization. So the image and video file size should be reduced as much as possible. You can use online tools or plugins for this.


We all know that there are many types of image files, such as JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, etc. All of them can be used on the site, but it has been found that JPEG or JPG type works best because it reduces the size of the image a lot but the quality is quite good. . So you can upload JPEG or JPG type images.


What does video and image optimization usually mean?

Video and image optimization basically means reducing the size of your image and video as much as possible while maintaining the image and video quality, so that the loading speed of the page is not a problem.


Why is video and image optimization urgent or necessary?

When you have a website, you must upload a lot of images and videos. Where good quality video and image size are much larger. As a result, if we have images and videos on our website, it will be seen that our hosting space is filling up. On the other hand, when there is something heavy, there will be a problem with the loading speed of your website. Your website will take a long time to load which is a bad thing for a visitor. As a result, visitors will not enter your website and will leave your website immediately. The video and image need to be optimized considering all these aspects.


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What are some of the rules or ideas of image optimization?

Here are some rules or ideas for image optimization:


1. The file size of the image must be .jpg or .png.

2. Many of us do not pay attention to the name of the file when uploading images. And for that, the image cannot be optimized. If you download the file and use the appropriate name, it has a good effect on the ranking. Use dash/hyphen when renaming images.


Here’s how to enter a file name:

This will make the image more important to Google for your keywords.

3. Alt tag is the most important thing in image optimization. Alt tags are mainly for search engines. Because search engines can’t think of an image. So you have to give an Alt tag so that the search engines can think of the image.


Alt tag basically refers to the search engine what the image is about.

One important thing is, that if your content contains multiple images, don’t use the same alt tag for all images. Suppose you have Main Targeted Keyword Optimization. Then you can give the Alt tag of an image Image Optimization and in the case of the rest, you can use the LSI keywords without using the Main keyword.


4. Image length should not exceed 100 KB for large size images, 50 KB for medium size images, and 30 KB for small images.


5. If a site takes a long time to load, then about 70% -90% of visitors are likely to leave before the site loads. So try to load the site as soon as possible.


6. To reduce the file size of the image, you can use these sites, and


What are some of the rules or ideas of video optimization?

Here are some rules or ideas for video optimization:


1. Try to keep your videos short and concise.


2. Do not set videos to autoplay on your website. This is confusing and frustrating for the user. Especially for mobile users.


3. Videos can really slow down your website, so don’t try to stream videos from your website but on platforms like YouTube. You can upload it on YouTube and bring the link from there to your site.


4. Make sure your videos have a proper file name, good title, and description. Search engines can’t see the video and understand the content but they can find out what the video is using the file name, title, description, and keywords you provided.

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