Wasim Akram’s obstacles to becoming PCB chief ‘past’

Wasim Akram                                                                                                                                                      Wasim Akram wanted to be the chairman of the PCB? That is what the news published in the media says. But Pakistan‘s Prime Minister and PCB’s main patron Imran Khan did not consider the name of the best star of his World Cup-winning team.

Later, Ramiz Raja, another star of the 1992 World Cup-winning team, was nominated for the post. However, Ramiz’s name as the new chairman of the PCB has not been officially announced yet.

Wasim Akram

Everyone knows Wasim Akram as Imran Khan’s favorite. He became Imran Khan’s ‘weapon’ in the Pakistan team in the eighties and nineties. But after so many years when Imran is the Prime Minister of Pakistan when the country is thinking of considering a former cricketer in cricket management, why would Imran omit Wasim Akram?

It is learned that the main reason for this is Wasim Akram’s lack of ‘clear image’, match-fixing in the nineties, and involvement of the former left-arm fast bowler with various internal factions in Pakistan team.

Wasim Akram himself expressed interest in becoming the chairman of the PCB, according to the Indian media ‘New Indian Express. “It is true that Wasim Akram wanted to be the chairman of the PCB,” they wrote, quoting a PCB source. Not only that but his name was also discussed. But Imran Khan directly said that Ramiz Rajai is more suitable for the post than Akram. Ramiz has a clear image as a person. He has no record of being involved in any controversy in the past.

Wasim Akram

After leaving cricket, Akram has been involved in Pakistan cricket in many ways. He has also served as an influential member of the PCB Cricket Committee. At the moment, however, he is living in Australia with his Australian wife and children.

The term of the current chairman of the PCB Ehsan Mani is coming to an end in a few days. He was first asked to continue this responsibility. But for health reasons, Mani is no longer interested in extending his term as PCB chairman. In such a situation, the issue of appointing a new chairman is being discussed.

PCB sources told the Times of Indian Express that Wasim Akram’s name was at the top of the list at first. With him were the names of Ramiz Raja and a former government official. But Imran dropped Akram’s name first as his name was associated with the infamous match-fixing scandal of the nineties.

Wasim Akram

Although the match was played between 1995 and 2000, no specific evidence was found against Akram. However, he was fined in 2000 for failing to “co-operate” with the Judicial Commission of Inquiry.

Meanwhile, Wasim Akram himself, however, strongly protested the news. “Please don’t spread fake news,” he wrote on his Twitter handle protesting the news. Fix your own news source. The Times of India is one of the tops and most trusted media outlets in India. Such baseless news damages his image. The post of PCB chairman is a specialized position and I have never been interested in this position. Thank God I am where I am at the moment, with what I am.

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