Ways to tie the knot for women entrepreneurs in business

Personal, family, and social barriers to women entrepreneurs in business. Ways to tie the knot for women entrepreneurs in business


A. Personal constraints:

  • Lack of previous business experience/skills
  • Lack of business management and accounting skills
  • Not knowing about local resources and not being able to take advantage of local resources
  • Dependent mentality
  • Not maintaining contact with other traders and not taking wise advice from them
  • Not being able to create new or alternative markets
  • Leadership: Reluctance to receive and donate and lack of skills
  • Lack of business planning, management, and control
  • Lack of knowledge and awareness about business


B. Family ties

  • Family members do not like the business
  • He does not want to let his family go to the market to buy and sell raw materials
  • Almost all the business is done by men
  • In any case, men are the ones who have the upper hand in making decisions
  • Capital cannot be formed as women do not have access to and authority over wealth
  • Women have less opportunity to participate in the day-to-day running of the family
  • There is a less favorable business environment for women in the family
  • Lack of family awareness and gender inequality


C. Social barriers

  • People in the society do not like women doing business
  • Opportunities for giving and receiving leadership are low and reluctant
  • Not being able to go to distant markets to sell goods
  • Women have less opportunity to participate in the social decision-making process
  • Awareness and social security and lack
  • Women – Social inequality of men means not giving women the same respect, dignity, and importance as men


Ways to overcome the obstacles of women entrepreneurs in business

A. Ways to overcome personal obstacles

  • Being attentive and aware of the business
  • Gain business skills and experience
  • Maintaining business management accounts
  • Keep track of local resources and be proactive in taking advantage of them
  • Be enterprising in receiving alternative capital from NGOs and banks
  • Maintain communication with other traders and receive consultation assistance
  • Taking the initiative to work without being dependent on others
  • Business management, management, management, business-centric decision making
  • Being enterprising in creating alternative markets


B. Ways to overcome family barriers:

  • Do business yourself
  • Planning and leading various family activities
  • Explain the benefits of doing business to other family members and listen to their advice so that they
  • understand that you value what they say. This can create a favorable business environment in the family.
  • Establish women’s access and control over resources and establish gender equality


C. Ways to overcome social barriers

  • Talking to the neighbors about the good side/benefits of the business, explaining to them, and asking for their
  • advice and cooperation. This creates a favorable business environment for women in society.
  • Taking initiative to build capital through savings
  • Planning and leading various social work
  • Develop and link social and business relationships of entrepreneurs Women Entrepreneurs in Business Women
  • Entrepreneurs in Business

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