Baseball is a bat-and-ball game played among two opposing teams, of nine players each, that take turns batting and fielding.

on the fielding group, known as the pitcher, throws a ball that a player at the batting crew tries to hit with a bat.

The team that scores the maximum runs by way of the quit of the game is the winner.

the primary objective of the batting group is to have a player attain first base adequately; this typically occurs both whilst the batter reaches first

 A player at the batting group who reaches first base with out being called "out" can attempt to boost to next bases as a runner

The opposing groups switch from side to side among batting and fielding; the batting crew's turn to bat is over once

Baseball has no sport clock, even though most video games quit inside the ninth inning.

Baseball developed from older bat-and-ball games already being played in England by way of the mid-18th century.

This game became delivered by way of immigrants to North the usa, where the cutting-edge version advanced.

Baseball is famous in North the usa and components of principal and South america, the Caribbean, and East Asia, mainly in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan

 the america and Canada, expert major League Baseball (MLB) groups are divided into the countrywide League (NL)

the arena Baseball Softball Confederation, is the essential worldwide opposition of the sport and draws the pinnacle national groups