Welcome to the era of cloud robotics: online brains for robots are launched!

Day by day the world of robotics is becoming more and more complex. As robots move towards artificial intelligence, new problems are emerging. On the other hand, there are limitations due to mechanical capacity. How will modern robotics?




To answer these questions,


European scientists launched a web-based “robot brain”; It consists of online databases from which robots can deal with situations by making sense of unfamiliar content.



This online brain-connected robot called


“Reputa” is able to describe new objects and even perform large calculations for it. Reputa manufacturers hope that this will reduce the cost of building robots and make them affordable as web-based cloud robotics will take the pressure off of on-board processing.



The project is part of the “Robo Earth” initiative launched in Europe in 2011 to establish a global standard for interaction between robots and humans.


The Reputa database can help robots understand human language.


It will also be able to guide driverless cars, drones and other mobile robots. The project’s researchers believe that without such an online processing center or cloud robotics system, robots would only be able to operate in a tightly controlled environment, which would hinder the benefits of robotics in everyday applications.

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