What is a rainbow? How are rainbows created? The secret of the rainbow

Rainbow is one of the most familiar natural phenomena. Who is not impressed by the seven colors curved like a huge bow in the blue sky! Whatever name it may be called a rainbow, a rainbow; You may have been surprised by this at least once in your life. Curiosity arose in the mind, how is this color created? What is a rainbow? How are rainbows created? The secret of the rainbow






Let’s try to find out today.

We know that sometimes rainbows appear in the sky after the rain has stopped. But one thing you will notice is that the rainbow is always seen on the opposite side of the sun. That is, you can see the rainbow only if your back is towards the sun. Even after the rain ends, some water particles continue to fly in the sky. Those water particles then act like natural prisms. Sunlight passes through those water particles and refracts the light. This refraction of light results in scattering of light and we see seven colors of light.






What is a prism?

Prism is the name of a shape. In simple terms it is a solid whose ground surface is triangular and three side surfaces are rectangular. It can also be made of glass or plastic. Isaac Newton discovered the seven colors of light through a prism.






Well, where did the seven colors of the rainbow come from?

Sunlight is a combination of seven colors. Seven colors of light are mixed together to form white light. This can be proved by an experiment. A round disc should be colored in equal proportions of the seven colors of the rainbow as shown in the figure. Then, if it is rotated at a high speed, all its colors will become monotonous and appear white. There are many videos of this test on YouTube. Anyone can search if they want.






But why are these seven colors lined up?

All seven colors of light have different wavelengths. They are of different wavelengths. When this light passes through a prism or water droplet, each color is bent at a different angle. Red light bends at an angle of 42° and violet at an angle of 40°. Other colors are between 40°-42°. This is why purple light is down and red light is up.







Is there only a rainbow in sunlight?

Not just sunlight. There are rainbows in the moonlight too. But the interesting thing is that the moon has no light of its own. Moonlight is also borrowed from the sun.






How many types of rainbow?

There are many types of rainbows. But we suddenly see twin rainbows. The reason for this is that after the scattering of light by a water particle, the second scattering of light occurs when the scattered light passes through another water particle. But then it bends at a different angle and reverses the continuum of colors. Usually in the rainbow where red is at the top and purple is at the bottom. There are twin rainbows with red at the bottom and purple at the top.







A rainbow of colors

It is usually seen at sunset. At sunset, when the sun’s dark red light rays penetrate water particles and the light scatters, it creates a red-only rainbow. Because only the red color remains in the red color of the sun.

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