What is AIDS? What causes AIDS? What is the horror of illegal sex in Islam?

World AIDS Day is an international day. What is AIDS? Causes AIDS? What is the horror of illegal sex in Islam? Countless people around the world have died from this disease. This disease is contagious. December 1 is declared World AIDS Day. This day is celebrated every year to spread HIV among the people and to raise awareness about the deaths. This day is observed by the non-governmental organizations and the Department of Public Health to raise awareness about AIDS.

The World Health Organization declared this day in 1986. World Yoga Day is one of the eight days declared by the World Health Organization. The eight days are World Hepatitis Day, World Malaria Day, World No Tobacco Day, World Tuberculosis Day, World Vaccine Day, World Blood Donor Day, World Health Day, and World AIDS Day. 41.5 million people have died of AIDS worldwide. And survived this difficult disease. As a result, the day has been cited as an important public health issue worldwide.

AIDS Day Plan

The first World AIDS Day was planned in August 1968 by Thomas Netter and James W. Boone, two World Health Organization officials. John Mann liked the idea. He approved it and suggested that World AIDS Day should be observed on December 1, 1986. The reason behind setting the date on 1st December is. The issue will be well covered in the news after the US election and before the Christmas holidays. In the first two years, the aim was to target children and young people. Through this training, they wanted to show that the disease is a family disease.

For example, it can spread to the body of the child through the parents. And it can spread to the body of the husband through the wife and through the wife.

Different themes were given at different times of AIDS

However, I have highlighted the last few themes in front of you.

  1. The theme for 2010 is Universal Access and Human Rights. 2011 is about bringing AIDS-related deaths down to zero.
  2. The premise of 2012 is that we will eradicate it together.
  3. The theme of 2013 is – Getting to Zero, a new HIV infection, discriminatory treatment of AIDS patients – these three issues need to be reduced to zero.
  4. The point of 2014 is to close the gap.
  5. The theme of 2015 is – The first step is to eradicate HIV.
  6. Theme of 2018 is – Help prevent HIV.
  7. The theme of 2018 is – My health is my right.
  8. The theme of 2019 is – AIDS needs to be eradicated; People’s participation.

The answer to the question of what AIDS is: We often find that it is actually a contagious virus, literally meaning Aquat Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. This is what we call the HIV virus.

Reasons for AIDS:

AIDS is caused mainly by unsafe sex. If a person has unprotected sex, they are more likely to get AIDS. If a healthy man has sex with an AIDS-infected woman, then that man can get AIDS. Again, if a healthy woman has sexual intercourse with a man infected with AIDS, then that woman can get AIDS. Also, if the blood of a person infected with HIV enters a person’s body, that person can also get AIDS. Symptoms of AIDS: It is too late to recognize the symptoms of AIDS. If a person goes to the doctor and says he has unprotected sex. The child of a mother infected with AIDS. After scanning, it is understood that AIDS is present in her body.

But in most cases, this happens when it does not come by itself. When it comes late again, it is too late to get the symptoms. No worries if the children of the affected mothers have negative HIV tests. There are various medical arrangements for them. Again, the victims can be negative through treatment.

Physicians think that from their experience, there are people who have had surgery. Have unprotected sex. There is a tendency to take blood. Taking drugs. Serology testing is the means to ensure this. Laser testing. In most cases, doctors say they can make a diagnosis through tests, using other devices.


Since there is disease there are physicians. This is exactly what happens in the case of HIV. Let us discuss below the treatment method for the HIV-positive disease. The first treatment is to make the HIV-positive patient mentally broken so that he becomes mentally strong. Besides, it is very important to give support in family and social way. Different medicines are given according to the method given by the World Health Organization for the analysis of this disease. However, many people in our society do not want to eat the plate or glass of an AIDS patient. However, in the language of medical science, there is no risk. AIDS-infected people are bitten by mosquitoes, but the disease is not spread by biting someone else’s body.

The horror of illegal sex in Islam

What we understand from the above discussion is that it is mainly due to illicit intercourse. The disease never starts without illicit intercourse. Suppose now you can say that I did not have illicit intercourse, only took blood. Then you think! The person before you who took blood from your body must have had illicit intercourse. Or his parents have had an illicit affair. This means that it does not end without illicit intercourse or illicit sexual intercourse. So now we know from Islam about illicit intercourse how strict Islam is in this matter.

The horror of illegal sex in Islam

Islam strictly forbids them from having illicit sex. In a hadith in this regard, one of the few things that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) told people to do quickly is to bury a dead person as soon as possible, before anything new happens. If there is a suitable boy or girl in a house, then give them a quick marriage. In the case of marriage, says to do it according to one’s ability. So that it is easy to get married and sexuality is reduced. Once a woman came to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and said: I have had illicit sexual intercourse by mistake which has caused me to have a child in my womb.

The horror of illegal sex in Islam

Now that I have misunderstood what should I do? The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said to her, ‘Let the child be born, and let the child be weaned.’ Then the woman came to Nabiji after giving milk to the baby. Then allowed to throw stones, if you want to survive the fire of hell? You will be stoned to death. Then the woman agreed. And she was thrown to the ground and killed by a stone. Then the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

If such a situation exists in any country or society then no one in that society can engage in illicit sexual intercourse or wickedness. Then the virus-like HIV cannot enter the human body. So let us all be aware. Diseases like HIV should not be lost in our bodies or society. I hope you have become very aware after reading this post. And you will take the necessary steps in this regard, thank you.

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