What is Alchemy-science or magic? Some Famous Chemists

Humanity is always interested in something mysterious, mysterious, and uneducated. Science like alchemy has existed for a long time, but interest in it has not disappeared even today. And nowadays the question arises in the minds of many what is alchemy. Let’s see. What is Alchemy-Science or Magic? Some famous chemists.

The concept and essence of alchemy

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “alchemy” is magic. But in reality, it is a secret science that shows how to get to the essence of all existing things. Many see it as pseudoscience, which focuses on making so-called alchemical gold from ordinary metals and enriching it in such away. Many alchemists and truth practitioners set themselves up for prosperity, but the real meaning of alchemy was to understand the essence of man and the whole world. Thanks to philosophical reflections, real alchemists appreciate the unity of the world, claiming that they participate in the global process of creation.

Another association of humans with the word “alchemy” is medicine. And that really makes some sense. Different ingredients are mixed in alchemy. The essence of this science is the effort to drive existing and development.

History of the word “alchemy”

To answer this question, is it necessary to know the history of the origin of this science? It is believed that the technology first appeared in the historical world: in Greece, Egypt, and Rome, after which it was first exposed. It is impossible to say exactly what this word is because it has so many roots. The first version assumes that the word alchemy comes from the word came which means “to apply”, and “pour”. The term refers to the medical practice of many ancient physicians. According to another version, the name comes from the word khem, which symbolizes the black earth, the country (Egypt). Ancient Greek sources indicate the origin of the words “human” and “nemesis” – casting, mixing, flow.

The basis and purpose of chemistry

Alchemy has three main functions:

  • Find ways to get gold from ordinary metals to get rich and gain power.
  • Achieving immortality.

To seek happiness

The basis of alchemy is the use of four basic elements. According to this theory, developed by Plato and Aristotle, the universe was created by Demiurge, who created 4 elements from matter: water, earth, fire, and air. Alchemists introduced 3 additives with these ingredients: mercury, sulfur, and salt. Mercury is female, sulfur is male and salt is motile. Combining all these ingredients in a different order, the infection is achieved.

As a result of the conversion, one must receive the Philosopher’s Stone, also known as the Ascension of Immortality. Often, obtaining this nectar is the main goal of many alchemists. But before you get the alluring nectar, real alchemists must understand their true spiritual nature. Otherwise, it would not work to get alluring philosophical stones.

Stages of alchemical evolution and gold medal transformation

The foundations of the famous perennials and his perennial research have concluded that all metals were noble from the beginning, but over time some of them became black and dirty, leading to their ignorance.

There are several major steps involved in converting ordinary metals into noble metals:

  • Calcination – this stage involves the rejection of all worldly interests from all personal interests;
  • Putrefaction – This stage involves the separation of destructive ashes;
  • Solution – a symbol of the cleanliness of the object;
  • Distillation – Consideration of all the elements of the purification of a substance;
  • Anti-coincidence – a combination of anti-events;
  • Excellence – refers to suffering after the worldly rejection of the struggle for spirituality
  • Philosophical rigor is a combination of the principles of air and concentration.

The development of chemistry is to go through everything on its own, even if it causes heavy damage, and then it is necessary to use the energy acquired in the previous stage.

The great alchemist

All the alchemists tried to answer the question. This science has played an important role in the history of mankind. Many philosophers have suggested that psychology has a lot in common with alchemy. This science helps the individual to open up as an individual and achieve their personal spiritual goals. Many people have been involved in alchemy since its inception. But medieval alchemists played an important role.

One of the most famous alchemists on the right is Nikola Flamel (1330-1418). Nicola was born into a very small family, at a young age she became a clerk in Paris. He married a middle-aged woman, received little capital, and opened several workshops. Flamel decided to sell the book. His Alchemical career began thanks to a dream where an angel showed Flamel a book containing all the secrets. He found the book and began to study it.

The great alchemist

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Beginning in 1382, Nicola Flamel became rich and bought land and houses. Engaged in charity work and just gave money. Rumors of his luxurious wealth reached the king, but with the help of bribes, Flamel was able to hide his wealth from the king. The Alchemist died in 1418. But they say that in addition to gold and silver, Nicholas understood the mystery of immortal life. He and his wife died while on a trip. What is Alchemy-science or magic? Some Famous Chemists.

Alchemist Paracelsus: Brief information

Another equally famous alchemist was Paracelsus. (Life years 1493-1541). This man was a famous doctor and many denied his role in Alchemy. Marcellus tried to find the philosopher’s stone but did not believe that he could turn the metal into gold. He needed it for the alchemist to understand the mystery of immortality and to make medicine.

Propel believed that anyone could do anything beyond the power of nature; All that is needed is time and effort. There is a lot of medicine for Pregel. It was this doctor who rejected the theory that there were evil spirits in epilepsy. Scientists say he was able to create a philosopher’s stone and he was immortal, but he fell from a height and died at the age of 48. What is Alchemy-science or magic? Some Famous Chemists.

Alchemist Paracelsus: Brief information

Dennis Jasser (life years 1510-1556). Born into a very rich family. As a teenager, he went to the University of Bordeaux to study philosophy. His mentor was a chemist who introduced a young man to this science. Together with the consultant, he studied and tested more new alchemy recipes. But over time, that is likely to change.

Jashar ran out of money quickly, so he went home and kept his belongings. But the tests didn’t work, and the money just flowed through his fingers. Dennis decided to move to Paris, where he spent several years alone, studying philosophy and the cuisine of chemistry. In 1550, he was still able to make gold from the precious metal mercury. Dennis distributed loans to everyone and moved to Germany, where he wanted to live a long and carefree life. But one of the relatives fell asleep and took his wife away. What is Alchemy-science or magic? Some Famous Chemists.

Seafield: Brief information

Little was known about this alchemist for a long time. From an early age, Garfield was fascinated with chemistry and experiment. Of course, he didn’t have much work and he was ridicule from all sides. He then left Austria and returned only ten years later, settling in a small town with a family that adopted him. As a sign of gratitude, he showed the owner how he had lost the gold from the common metal.

The whole town soon learned that Jeffield was a true chemist. The emperor knew of his experience and sentenced him to prison for forgery. Jeffield was soon pardoned, on the condition that he continue his trial for the emperor. But after a while, Zeld fled the country, and no one else knows his fate. He literally disappeared into the air.

Thanks to the above information, it becomes very clear what Alchemy is, what its essence is, and why it is need.

What is Alchemy-science or magic? Some Famous Chemists

What is Alchemyscience or magic? Some Famous Chemists

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