What is Competitor Analysis?

For those who are principally working in SEO or want to do SEO for any other point, you need to have veritably good knowledge about contender analysis. Contender analysis is a veritably important step for ranking a website. Because if you do not know your challenges at first also you can not do anything well, especially in SEO. Whenever you know your challengers and dissect them, you’ll understand what you need to do or what to do next, or what you need to do to target their point. What is Competitor Analysis?


So this step is veritably important for SEO. However, you won’t understand what to do for ranking your point or what to do first, If you don’t dissect your challengers well. Thus, it’s veritably important for the challengers to do a good analysis.


Again, you can produce a good strategy for ranking by contender analysis to move forward. Contender analysis is grounded primarily on your business or keywords.

So moment’s composition is principally a detailed discussion of contender analysis. Patiently read this composition in detail to more understand.

What is Competitor Analysis?

Let’s take a look at what Competitive Analysis is each about-with an illustration. Suppose you’re going to war, so how important power do you have? Or it’s important to know how strong your challengers are. If you have accurate or accurate information about the opponent and if you prepare consequently. And also if you go to war, you can say that you have a 99 chance of winning the war.

So the same can be said about knowing how strong your challengers are, what their sins are, and so on. There must be enough accurate and precise information or ideas about all this. There must be enough accurate or precise information or ideas about all this. After that, you need to prepare yourself to move forward with your point. In a word, it’s better to search your business or point-related websites or find out the weak points.

The future of your website depends on your challengers. So all you have to do is find out from your challengers.

Is there any need to analyze the competitors?

Every point is principally SEO. We all aim to grow our business at the end of the day. We do SEO substantially to grow our business and get ranking. Since we do SEO for these, we first need to know the relationship of our challengers to start working on SEO. When you start working on SEO after knowing the sins and strengths of challengers, your chances of getting a higher ranking in your business increase as your workload decreases. So you understand how important it’s to do contender analysis.

How do you know who your competitors are?

We know that contender analysis is principally grounded on specific keywords and business. Suppose my keyword is bought fish online.
After codifying this keyword and doing a hunt, the ten results we see on the first runner, then you have to see who your challengers are.

I wrote this and searched and after searching a lot of results are coming and these results will be on numerous runners. Now my question is, after searching so numerous results for this one keyword, are all these results your contender, or are all of these results your factual contender?

Who is your actual computer?

Or how do you know who your challengers will be if not all challengers?

First, you have to pick out which of these are your challengers also you have to dissect them and if you do not know who your challengers are first also you can not catch them. We know that not all of the ten results on the first runner of a hunting machine can be my contender. So you need to understand who your contender is.

To understand this, first, you have to look at which of the ten results in the hunt machine website goes with your business or business or goes with your point. In a word, your business has to be exactly the kind of business it is. Also, by opening those ten results, find and dissect the businesses that go with your business. So this is principally how you can find your challengers.

For the convenience of better understanding, I’m showing some website analysis with this keyword.

Suppose my business is fish. So my keyword is bought fish online. After I class this keyword ( buy fish online) and hunt, 10 results are coming on the first runner. In it, I’m opening 3 results and I’ll show them by analysis. Below are the three results

1. The name of the first website is Bengal fish. We can see that this business is all about fish. So we can say that this website is our competitor.

2. Also come to the alternate website. The name of this website. We know this is the e-commerce point. There are numerous orders of them. E.g. MEN ’S Apparel, WOMEN ’S CLOTHING, JEWELRY, etc. So one of these orders is fish. This means just a runner of this-commerce website. So from this, it’s understood that they do business substantially with fish and they do business with all kinds of products. So we can count this website. This website isn’t my contender.

3. The name of the third website is fish emporium. On this website, we can see that this website substantially deals with fish. So this is also our contender.

When you find your challengers one by one, it’ll be veritably easy to go to the coming step, which means you have to do the analysis.

How do you know who is not your competitor?

When you search by typing in that specific keyword, different types of results may come up. Not all of these websites may be your competitors, so which websites are not your competitors are given below:

  • Social Media Site
  • Question / Answer
  • Directory Site
  • Wikipedia
  • Web 2 Site
  • Brand Site


So there are a lot of websites out there that are not your competitors. So understanding you will find your competitors.

How to analyze a website or page?

Then we will work grounded on a contender analysis template. There’s no problem you can work outside of this template. The download link will be given then. Download it.

Looking at the template we see that this template is principally sorted in three ways originally General Competitor’s Analysis, the alternate Contender’s on runner SEO Analysis and the third Contender’s Backlink Analysis.

For newcomers, I’ve tried to explain SEO, on-runner SEO, and everything in a simple way. You can read the papers if you want.

  • SEO
  • Onpage SEO
  • Technical SEO

1. General Competitor’s Analysis

General Competitor’s Analysis is basically the technical analysis of the site. The following are some of them:

  • Competitors URL
  • PA
  • No. Of Site Indexed Page
  • Keyword in Title
  • URL
  • Keyword in Description
  • Prominence
  • Proximity
  • Social Signal


What’s the full form of runner authority. The runner authority of the website or runner you’re assaying should be placed then.


No. Of Point Listed Page No. Of Point, Listed Runner is the number of runners on your website that have been listed by hunt machines. You have to put its number in the place of this house.


Keyword in Title: This is your specific keyword, that keyword is in the title of your website or runner. That’s what’s meant then.


URL: Keyword in URL is your specific keyword in the URL of your website or runner. If there’s Judy also it should be placed then.


Description: This is what your specific keyword is in your description. If there’s Judy also it has to be settled.

Keyword Prominence: Whether you have the main keyword on the morning of your title. If there’s Judy also you have to put Yea or No then.

Proximity: Whether your title contains the full keyword. No, the whole keyword isn’ttogether. However, if not also you can put No, If there’s Judy also yes.

Social Signal: This is the number of likes and followers on your social pages.

You can complete all these steps through SEO quake extension or using the SEO site checkup site.

2. Competitor’s page analysis

In this step, we will basically analyze the aspects of the website. The ones that exist in it are given below-

  • Site URL
  • Url characters
  • Title characters
  • Meta description characters
  • Images ALT
  • Sitemap
  • Robot Txt
  • Google Analytics

You can use SEO quake extension or SEO site checkup site to find out all these results. You can easily get the results using these. What is Competitor Analysis?

3. Competitor’s Backlink Analysis

In backlink Analysis principally you’ll find all the backlinks of your challengers. You can use the Moz tool to find these backlinks. Using these tools you can fluently find the backlinks of your challengers. There will be no problem. Once you enter their website and account, you’ll see an option called Link Explorer. I hope you can get the backlinks of your challengers by clicking on that option.

This is basically today’s article on Competitive Analysis. Hope you understand.

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