What is MS Word? Familiarity with Microsoft Word or MS Word

What is MS Word? Microsoft Word or MS Word is a word processing software. Through which any type of compose type, project, drawing, minor design work, profile making work, document writing, question paper type, official work including various document creation and printing can be completed. In short it is called MS Word. What is MS Word? Familiarity with Microsoft Word or MS Word






What is MS Word?

Microsoft Corporation is a company based in the United States of America. This software is developed by Microsoft Corporation. So called Microsoft Word or Microsoft Word or MS Word. MS Word was launched in 1983 under the name Multi Tool Word for Genix System.






What is Microsoft Word or MS Word?

Currently, Microsoft Word is one of the most popular word processing software. Through this work of word processing is done, that is, the program through which word work is done in beautiful presentation is called MS Word. Different software are developed for different tasks. MS Word program is required for certain tasks which cannot be done well with other programs. For example, MS Word is the best program for writing letters beautifully, which cannot be written beautifully by other programs.






What is MS Word used for?

We already know what is MS Word. Using MS Word, you can easily create documents, save documents, correct spelling and grammar mistakes, change text size, etc. Now we will know the details of all the tasks that can be done with the help of Microsoft Word. All the functions that can be done with the help of MS Word are as follows-







Application form/petition/letter can be typed and printed. Any type of document or text can be typed. School-college question papers can be typed and printed. Documents can be typed. Student assignments can be typed. Teachers can create classes. Limited design work is possible. Necessary project files and profiles can be created. Table work can be done with draw, drawing, diagram.






Microsoft Word Basics (Introduction)

First, click on the Windows icon or Start menu at the bottom of the computer. Now a menu will open in front of you in the form of a list, from there open your desired MS Word program. In a moment you will see a white page with the Microsoft application open. Notice that there is a black dot flashing on and off on the opened page called the cursor. Now whatever you type from the keyboard will start from the position of this cursor.

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