Where to get free computer training

Nowadays, computer knowledge has become essential for success and efficiency. Computer knowledge serves as a necessary quality or qualification for the unemployed. Computer skills increase the chances of getting a job and thus free the unemployed from the touch of unemployment and poverty. The difference between a person with computer skills and a person who does not know computers is quite clear. So young people need to know computers. Where to get free computer training



Computer Training Center

In the current state of development, Bangladesh needs a large number of skilled people. Computer education can help in the development of such manpower. Bangladesh lags behind many countries due to a lack of adequate manpower including computer skills. In this age of globalization, the sustainable development of Bangladesh depends a lot on how much we can add our manpower to the path of globalization.




Short-term training course

To this end, we all need easy access to computer education. Also, those who live at home, especially women need to know about computers so that they can connect with the whole world through a computer, e-mail, net-phone, instant messaging, etc. In the least developed country like Bangladesh, many do not have the financial means to buy or learn computers.




Free computer training

This Computer Training Course is arranged and funded by the Department of Information and Communication Technology, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The government approves various projects from time to time to create a bright profession for the unemployed. Needless to say, not only the government but also many non-governmental or semi-government organizations provide free training or nominal training for the youth or the unemployed.




Free training under SEIP project 2021

The BCC conducts a total of 16 short-term training courses in ICT. Notable courses are:

Website Design and Web Applications development

Graphics Design and Multimedia

Server and Internet security Administrator

Network Administrator (Windows and Linux)

Database Application Development using Oracle

Digital signature for Information Security




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