Windows 11

But as already written above, I will let the whole thing go through my older head (approx. 72). However, according to Microsoft, there will only be a real start menu in a later update, although one can confidently assume that this, in turn, will require ‘Update 1’. What you do now is of course up to you, but at least on desktop PCs these changes are quite helpful in my opinion. What happens to my data then, will it be deleted or will it remain untouched? Windows 11




Windows 11

  • Under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced you will find the entry EnableBalloonTips, here you simply change the value to 0.
  • Specially designed for companies with multiple employees.
  • Although I cannot imagine that this information is of any importance for the assessment of my problem, I have tried to answer all questions on the linked page conscientiously.
  • You can open “DjVu” files with the free special program “WinDjView” – otherwise “Caliber” can handle it.
  • Decryption with the AES session key is required to get back to normally readable files.




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Windows 10 data protection primer 2019

This allows you to explore even the furthest corners of your operating system and manually access the registration database. It should be emphasized that Zimmermann’s freeware also has registry defragmentation. The meaning of the function itself may be controversial, but the feature is certainly a unique selling point for a registry editor.




  • I expand this in 2010 so that system variables can also be specific for the links to be create.
  • Rather, changing from Windows x86 to Windows x64 requires reinstalling the OS and all applications.
  • The changes are saved by clicking on the menu item “Save” under “File”.
  • The “User Accounts” window will then open.
  • Should I be able to add my own new device in advance?


If you stay vigilant, protect your PC, and have regular backups, you will see ransomware from time to time. The story is terrifying, but most importantly you don’t have to deal with it yourself. First, back up your Windows PC and all important files regularly, not just locally. You can also use the cloud or external devices such as flash drives or external hard drives. The importance of preventing ransomware from accessing your computer cannot be over emphasize. While we understand the urgency of the situation, we strongly advise against paying the ransom or dealing with a PC “hijacker”. Payment only spurs ransomware attackers on and encourages them to.




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You can create an image of your computer in the command prompt. This allows you to quickly restore the operating system.

In the next step, download Signalyst dils, we ask which key length should be used (47-56) and set the respective parameter, which we store in the variable $rijndael. We need this parameter to load the appropriate module for encryption (in our case here Rijndael-256). Our complete encryption consists of two files: the encryption file (aes_encrypt.php) and the decryption file (aes_decrypt.php).

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