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World Women’s Day March 8, International Women’s Day

Today is World Women’s Day. To protect the rights of all women in the world, the United Nations declared March 8, 1975, as International Women’s Day and called on all nations of the world to observe it properly. Every year March 8 is celebrated all over the world with a unique feature. In some countries, the day is also celebrated as a public holiday. Such as Russia, Cuba, Vietnam, Ukraine, and several other countries. In many countries, including China, Macedonia, Nepal, and Madagascar, only women enjoy public holidays on this day. Although neither of these two systems exists in Bangladesh; however, the day is being celebrated in rallies, seminars, symposiums.

World Women’s Day

These days the entire capitalist international is celebrating the creation of girls’ Day but in the steady battle for the rights of ladies’ people. When girls first entered the place of job, there was wage inequality. Working hours have been not fixed, and the work surroundings turned inhumane. Girls employees took to the streets against these chaotic conditions. In 1857, girls people of a yarn manufacturing unit took to the streets of recent York, America, to protest; The ruling party of the time did not hesitate to shoot at the procession for repression.

The first international women’s conference, led by German Socialist leader Clara Jetkin, took place on February 28, 1909. At a women’s rally organized by the Social Democrat Women’s Organization in New York. Clara was a German politician, one of the architects of the German Communist Party. Then in 1910, the second global ladies’ conference turned into held in Copenhagen, Denmark. It turned into attended by means of a hundred women delegates from seventeen countries.

World Women’s Day

At the conference, Clara proposed to have a look at March eight every year as global girls’ Day. It became decided that the day would be celebrated as girls’ Equality Day from 1911. Socialists from different countries came forward to celebrate the day. Since 1914, March 8 has been celebrated in several countries. This day started to be celebrated in Bangladesh even before independence in 1971. Then on March 8, 1975, international recognition was given. The United Nations has called on various nations to observe the day.

However, its quality has changed. Although the movement started with some specific demands of women workers. Now it is moving forward with the aim of ensuring equal rights for all women. Capitalism gives an apparent solution to any problem, not a permanent solution. Therefore, every year, considering the position of women in society from a capitalist point of view. The United Nations determines the theme of the day. Note the thematic issues by year – The thematic issues in 1996 were, ‘Celebrating the Past and Planning for the Future.

World Women’s Day

Women and Peace in 1997; 1999 – “A World Free of Violence Against Women”; Women united for peace in 2000; 2001 Women and Peace: The Position of Women in Conflict; ‘The Real Status and Future of Afghan Women’ in 2002; Gender Equality and the Millennium Development Goals in 2003; Women and HIV-AIDS in 2004; ‘Secure Future through Gender Equality in 2005; 2006 Women in Decision Making; 2007 End of impunity for violence against women and children; 2008 Investment in Women and Adolescents; In 2009, “Men and Women Stop Violence Against Women and Adolescents”; 2010 ‘Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities – Progress for All’.

Equal participation of women in education, training, science, and technology in 2011; 2012 Empowerment of Rural Women – Ending Hunger and Poverty; 2013 Now is the time to take action to end violence against women; In 2014, ‘Equal Rights for Women Ensure Progress for All’; 2015 Women’s Empowerment and Human Development; In 2016, ‘men and women are equal in the status of rights’; 2017, the journey of development towards gender equality, will change the new level of action in the world; In 2018, ‘Time is now for women: they are in development, working-lifestyle is changing in rural and urban areas’; The theme for 2019 is ‘Everyone Think, Do Something New, Build a New World of Gender Equality and 2020 is ‘Generation Equality: The Rights of All Women’.

World Women’s Day

In the last 25 years, many interesting topics have been set, but in reality, none of them have seen the face of success. Women have remained disenfranchised as always, more so in certain cases. This is because what we have in mind is to keep women alive, not to give them rights. In this society, women are more likely to be mentally abused than physically abused. He has to bear the humiliation step by step. It is a shame that in this society we still do not think of women as more of a ‘girl’.

But the historical fact is that it was capitalism that brought women out of confinement. But it is not a matter of proper dignity or respect for women; In the hope of making a profit equal to the mountains as opposed to cheap labor. We know that wages are inversely related to profit; When wages are low, profits increase.

World Women’s Day

So the number of men in the economy is not enough for the development of capitalism. Therefore, women are brought to the labor market to reduce the upward pressure on wages. Initially and still employers have a great deal of control over the wages of women workers. In the name of keeping the labor market stable over time and keeping the economy profitable, various slogans have been given. Prostitution would not have been legalized if the non-profit women’s rights had been considered in this system. Capitalism has not hesitated to make women’s products for commercial interests by hiding the real rights of women. Whether we understand it or not, we are fascinated by their ‘slogan’ and ‘bully’.

What we usually bring to the fore on Women’s Day is violence against women and rape. In developing and developed worlds, no one is safe from this situation. Statistics show that 5 out of every 100,000 women are raped in Bangladesh; 2 in India; 27 in the United States and 29 in Britain. Researchers say that the reason for the low number in Bangladesh and India is the social situation. Although a rape victim is innocent, our society does not sympathize with her and looks at her with a lot of ‘hate’ eyes. As a result, in many cases and many refrain from publishing it.

World Women’s Day

There is also negligence in legal aid. However, the issue of rape is not financial but psychological; Capitalism is helpless or failed here. I can say for sure that if there is no more rape in the world, and if a woman is not physically abused, then the question of women’s rights will remain. Because various social decisions including inheritance have not been addressed yet. So we have to see what the issue of ensuring the real rights of women has to do with. Society reform or radical change?

In this century, the development of the socialist movement in different countries, the development, and implementation of a different socio-economic structure called socialism, various changes in the capitalist world system, further development of global war economy, erosion in socialist endeavors, and catastrophe in the socialist world. It can be said that the question of the overall revolutionary transformation of society and the emancipation of women is inseparable. However, this relationship is never automatic, it is dialectical.

World Women’s Day

On the one hand, it is not possible to solve the women’s question without revolutionary transformation, on the other hand, it is not possible to revolutionize society without taking women’s issues seriously enough, even effective development of the democratic movement ‘(Anu Muhammad; Women, Men, and Society; p. 150). So no matter how many slogans we raise against the revolutionary change in the structure of society, the issue of women’s emancipation will remain elusive.

World Women’s Day

In this case, a relevant conclusion comes to the fore. Many people think that since there is gender inequality around private property, women will automatically be revealed in their own glory only when private property is abolished. This idea is not unreasonable but incomplete. Because the consumerist and compassionate attitude towards women is very ancient and it is ingrained in the bone marrow of the society. It’s not like one day. For this, we want a long-term cultural process, which will be able to remove the stigma towards women from society. Apart from this, it is impossible to establish the real rights of women in conventional society.

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